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Application of the piston type grout pump

2019-10-23 11:15:17

Piston type grout pumps also known as piston grouting machines, piston pumps, piston type grout pumps are devices that use the reciprocating motion of the piston to deliver liquid. Piston type grout pump working process: During the reciprocating motion of the piston, when the piston moves outward, the outlet check valve closes under the action of self-weight and differential pressure, and the inlet check valve opens under the pressure difference. Drain the liquid into the pump chamber. When the piston is opened inward, the pressure in the pump chamber rises, causing the inlet to close the door to close, and the outlet to open the door to press the liquid into the outlet pipe. Its characteristics are: high pressure, standardized sealing and light weight. Piston type grout pumps is small size, light weight, easy to install and carry, easy to operate, mortar will not precipitate, segregation, uniform discharge and smooth to avoid blockage.

application of the piston type grout pump

Piston type grout pumps can be divided into: grout pumps for construction and grout pumps for mine according to the use environment
The main difference between the grout pump for construction and the grout pump for mining is the difference between the motor and the wheel: the grout pump motor for construction does not need explosion-proof, and the wheel is a rubber wheel. Mine grout pump motors require explosion-proof motors, and the wheels are rail wheels.

piston type grout pump application

How to choose the piston type grout pump: pressure, displacement, installation form: vertical installation or horizontal installation, grouting type: single liquid or two liquid, power source: motor or diesel engine.
Preparation before use: Check whether the power supply is normal; whether the gear oil in the reducer is sufficient; check whether the joints are firm; adjust the relief valve and speed control knob to 0 before use, and test the water to check if the motor is turning correctly. Slowly adjust the relief valve and speed control valve to observe whether there is leakage at the seal and whether the function valves are normal.

Grouting operation: After each grouting, if the grouting is not continued, the straw should be placed in clean water to wash the residual slurry in the pump to prevent the slurry from solidifying in the pump; when the discharge port discharges clean water, the suction pipe will be used. Take out from the water, pump a few strokes, drain the clear inside the working cylinder, and then stop.

Downtime maintenance: If the machine is no longer used in the near future, the suction valve, the slurry valve, the working cylinder should be disassembled, cleaned, greased and rust-proof, and then assembled and stored in the library.

Piston type grout pump for sale

The main application scope of the piston type grout pump is as follows:
1. The cracking, expansion joints, construction joints and structural joints of various buildings and underground concrete works are sealed and sealed. 
2. Drilling and retaining wall sealing and reinforcement of geological drilling engineering. 
3. The dam body grouting of water conservancy and hydropower projects, the cracks in the water conveyance tunnel are blocked, the seepage prevention, and the concrete cracks of the dam body are anti-seepage reinforcement. 
4. Subways, ramps, culverts, sewage treatment tanks, seepage cracks in the cracks, and water plugging.
5. Basement, underground garage, underground passage, with water plugging. 6. Roof wall panel cracks, wall pipes, corners, leaking water, water plugging.

Application of the piston type grout pump

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