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Foam Concrete Machine

  • LF100 mixing station is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and features a robust structure that ensures stability and reliability during operation. It is designed to meet the demands of various construction projects where foam concrete is required,

  • LF60A Foam cement lightweight concrete mixing station has a mixing capacity suitable for medium to large-scale production of foam cement lightweight concrete. The exact capacity may vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer.

  • LF40A Lightweight foam concrete production line is widely used in various construction applications, including building construction, insulation layers, void filling, and lightweight foam concrete blocks. It offers advantages such as reduced weight, impro

  • LF30A Foam concrete mixing plant for sale is an automatic concrete foaming station equipment, also known as lightweight concrete station, it is used in large filling projects, such as highway subgrade, slope protection, high-speed rail, highways, bridges,

  • Cement foaming machine for wall casting is composed of mixer, agitator, foam generator, hose pump, equipped with screw feeder, belt conveyor and submersible pump. The foam concrete machine for wall casting is equipped with a weighing sensor and automatic

  • LF5 small portable foam concrete machine contains feeding machine, mixing machine, and conveying pump. LF5 is special designed for small scale construction or production.

  • Electric CLC foam concrete machine for cast in place is a middle-sized patent product based on many years experience, with completely independent intellectual property rights. It includes a screw conveyor, a mixer, a foam generator and a foam concrete pum

  • LF10 foam concrete machine for roof insulation is a middle-size foam concrete plant which is simple in operations, low cost, mobile, integrated system for mixing, foam-generating and pumping. It has the features of continuous feeding of material, water su

  • LF15 wireless remote control foam concrete machine/cement foam concrete unit is a medium-sized cement foaming machine that meets the requirements of on-site construction according to market demand.

  • LF40 foam concrete machine complete unit with pump mix cement and water in the mixer tank to make concrete slurry, then convey them into pipeline by hydraulic cylinder;

  • LF10A foam cement machine unit is a kind of small foam concrete machine according our many years of working experience. It includes a feeder, a mixer, a set of foaming system and a pump.

  • Lightweight concrete is formed by put cement and water into a slurry mixing and then mix them in a certain proportion, press them into transmission pipelines through hydraulic cylinder;

  • LR5 mini CLC foam generator is an airtight container, used to mix air, foam agent and water.

  • LF20D cellular lightweight concrete machine capacity is 20m3/h, can meet different densities of foam concrete products manufacturing . It includes a screw conveyor, a concrete mixer, a foam generator and a hydraulic piston pump, adopts digital control tec

  • precast lightweight wall panel machine includes 2 Concrete Mixer, A Screw Conveyor, A Foam Generator And A Foam Concrete Pump, adopts advanced centralized control technology, can exactly adjust the density of foam cement.

  • LM2000 foam concrete mixer machine is one of high capacity foam concrete mixer. It includes feeding system, pumping system, foaming system and mixing system.

  • As efficient concrete pumping equipment, LP30 foam concrete pump has been extensively applied to various construction works to pump concrete, foam concrete, aggregate and mortars.

  • LW30B Wire Cutting Machine is a new product in the foam concrete plant. It is specially used to cut various foam concrete blocks.

  • LF10B foam concrete machine puts a screw conveyor, a concrete mixer, a foam generator and a hose pump 4 parts in one, adopts advanced control technology, can exactly adjust foam cement density; it also meets different density of foam concrete manufacturin

  • LF30 high capacity foam concrete machine/cement foam machine is a large-sized cement foaming machine, pumping, foaming and mixing system assembles as a whole, convenient to use. It has the continuous feeding system and water supply system...

  • Our foam agent is made of vegetable oil and protein, poisonless harmless and nonflammable. It is also one kind of environmental protection material. Besides routine composition, we have added some special ingredients to make the foam more stable and foam

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