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LEC Slope Protection Machine

  • Feeding height:1200mm
  • Overall dimension:4550*1680*1950
  • Transporting cylinder diameter * stroke:140*1000mm
  • Slump:12~23cm
  • Max. Aggregate size:30mm
  • Distributing valve form:S valve

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  • soil spraying machine
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  • hydroseeding machine
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Spray seeding is more and more applied in road greening. The application of seeding spraying technology in vegetation restoration and slope protection project. Soil spraying seeder involves in planting permanent vegetation, spraying slurry, slope protection,
grassing and erosion prevention.


Soil spraying seeder driven by single diesel, electronic control, easy operation, especially suitable for outdoor conditions, applicable to all kinds of rock slope, hard soil, poor soil, acidic soil, arid zones, clay soil and coastal dam etc.

hydroseeder slope protection machine


1.  High efficiency : using hydraulic pumping method, high reliability, stable conveying ability;

2.  long conveying distance , up to 650 m horizontally,160 m vertically;    

3.  injection quantity is continuously adjustable with variable piston pump , jet speed can be adjusted freely;   
4. machine parts consumption is very low , the machine wearing parts life is not less than 2000 cubic meters jetting ability;  
5. combined with automatic centralized lubrication system, realizing effective control for the amount of grease filling and filling time, extending  life of wear parts;  
6. humanized product design, more convenient operation, more simple maintenance, reliability has been effectively guaranteed;

7. Advanced technology, it even works for mud materials which have poor mobility, no blocking, and no stopping, well adaptation of various materials, big output pressure;

8.  blades mixing and circular spray, are powerful enough to ensure the spraying mixture in the planting process is in fully suspended and fully mixed stated, evenly emitting the mixture of raw materials at one time;

9. This machine has wide usage, not only can be applied in spraying planting for soil improvement work. This machine can  emit slurry materials with big proportion, high and super concentration;

10. Our slope soil spraying machine can also be used in plain concrete and fiber reinforced concrete conveying in various construction sites.

■Product Details
Hydro mulch

Slope protection machine details


Slope protection machine details


Hydroseeder working drawing

hydroseeding machine

Hydroseeder working drawing

slope greening machine

Hydroseeder working drawing

soil spraying machine

Hydroseeder working drawing

■Technical Parameters
Model Unit LKP-15SR LKP-25SR
Max. Injection capacity (theory) m³/h 15 25
 Max. pumping pressure Mpa 10 14
 Max. vertical conveying distance (theory) m 120 160
 Max. horizontal conveying distance (theory)  m  500  650
Distributing valve form   S valve S valve
Max. Aggregate size mm 30 30
Slump cm 12~23 12~23
Rebound Rate % less than 15 less than 15
Working dust density (machine) mg/m³ less than 10 less than 10
Transporting cylinder diameter * stroke mm 140*1000 140*1000
Diesel engine power kw 50.6 61.6
Rated rotating speed rpm 1800 1500
The hydraulic oil tank volume L 350 350
The fuel tank volume L 60 60
Feeding height mm 1200 1200
Overall dimension mm 4550*1680*1950
Weight kg 2850 3000
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