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LGP1000/2X75/100PI-E Automatic Grouting Plant

  • Type: LGP1000/2X75/100PI-E Automatic Grouting Plant
  • Max. Mixing Capacity: 10m3/h
  • Grouting Pump: 2X75L/min@5MPa
  • Power requirements: Voltage 3 Phase 380V, 50Hz
  • Dimension: 3600×2060×2520mm (Screw feeder is not included)
  • Weight: 2820Kg

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  • automatic grout mixing plant
  • fully automatic grout plant
  • automatic colloidal grouting plant
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LGP1000/2X75/100PI-E automatic grouting plant is a combination of mixer, circulating pump and grouting pump in one frame, it is very easy to operate and move. LGP1000/2X75/100PI-E automatic grout mixing plant is mainly used to be made and grouted the cement slurry in hydropower, mining, highway, railway, construction, and other ground and underground construction applications.

 grouting plant for sale


grout pump with mixer and load cell


grout plant with load cell


grout mixing plant

LGP1000/2X75/100PI-E fully automatic grout plant is integrated with the load cell, PLC, can freely adjust the proportion of water, cement, additives, can be set according to the formula of automatic configuration of materials, greatly improve the work efficiency.

fully automatic grout plant with load cell


automatic grouting unit


automatic grouting plant for sale


all in one grout plant


all in one automatic grout plant

Working principle of LGP1000/2X75/100PI-E Automatic Grouting Plant: 

Water, cement is quickly mixed into a uniform slurry. High speed eddy current mixer ensures fast and even mixing. Automatic grouting plant is specially designed for cement and water mixed projects. Its advantage is continuous mixing and grouting. The mix tank is for fast mixing. The grout is then transferred to the grouting pump, which ensures continuous mixing and grout operations. 

Details Instructions of LGP1000/2X75/100PI-E Compact Grouting Plant:

automatic load cell grout plant

automatic PLC grout plant

automatic grouting mixing machine


Automatic colloidal grouting plant is mainly used for making cement slurry, etc., which is applied to surface/underground construction, such as highway, railway, hydropower, construction, mining, etc. 

Automatic grouting plant application


1. Automatic grouting equipment is with CE, ISO certification.
2. Compact structure, a whole plant with mixing and grouting.
3. Automated mixing and grouting plant is simple operation and easy maintenance.
4. There are two operation modes: automatic mode and manual mode.
5. Less spare parts ensure low maintenance costs.
6. High speed vortex mixer ensures mix quickly and evenly.
7. The proportion of materials in the formula can be adjusted freely.
8. It can realize automatic configuration and replenishment of materials. 
9. Flameproof electric cabinet, protection grade IP56.
10. Tank body manufactured by the thicker plate for more reliable work and longer use life.
11. Standard seal parts to ensure excellent seal quality.

■Product Details
Additive pump

Additive pump of grout unit

Pneumatic tube pinch valve

Pneumatic tube pinch valve

Mud pump

Slurry / mud pump

grout mixer

Cement slurry grout mixer

Electric control cabinet

Electric control cabinet of grout plant

Screw feeder

Automatic grouting plant with screw feeder

■Technical Parameters
Name Data
Type LGP1000/2X75/100PI-E Automatic Grouting Plant
Max. Mixing Capacity 10m3/h
Grouting Pump 2X75L/min@5MPa
Mixer Capacity 1000L
W/C ratio 0.5~1
Circulating Pump Power 15KW
Rate Rev. 1800r/min
Flow 1100L/min
Screw feeder Power 7.5KW
Delivery volume 50t/h
Water pump Mode ISW50-160(2.2KW)
Flow@head 8.3m3/h@30.2m
Additive pump Mode ISW50-125(0.25KW)
Flow@head 2m3/h@10m
Air compressor Mode VA80-3KW 
Exhaust volume 0.3m3/min
Power requirements Voltage 3 Phase 380V,50Hz
Dimension 3600×2060×2520mm
(Screw feeder is not included)
Weight 2820Kg
Note: We can customize Grouting Plant / Station according to your requirements.
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