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LZ-9ER Electric motor castable refractory gunning machine

  • Rated Output: 3-9m3/h(6-18ton/h)
  • Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance: 100m
  • Max. Aggregate Size: Φ20 mm
  • Conveying Hose Inner Diameter: 64mm
  • Operating Air Pressure: 0.2-0.4MPa
  • Air Consumption: 10~12m3/min

  • castable refractory gunning machine
  • castable gunning machine
  • electric motor refractory gunning machine
  • electric motor castable refractory gunning machine
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Xisihuan Ring-Road East, Tielu, Xiliu Lake sub-district, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou, Henan China

LZ-9ER Electric motor castable refractory gunning machine is not your typical dry mix gunning machine. It's specially designed for the precise application of refractory materials and castable substances.

straight chamber rotor type refractory gunning machine

This refractory dry mix 
castable gunning machine is equipped with an ABB frequency inverter, allowing for an adjustable output ranging from 3m3/h to 9m3/h.

Refractory Castable Insulating Gunning Machine

Refractory Installation Equipment

In comparison to conventional dry mix shotcrete machines, the castable refractory gunning machine is equipped with a new type of pre-dampening nozzle assembly. This innovative system acts like a pre-wet system, where a high-pressure water pump delivers water to the nozzle water ring, effectively mixing water with the refractory materials. This process significantly reduces the rebound rate.

Refractories gunning machine for the cement factory

High alumina castable refractory gunning machine

Typically, a common concrete dry mix shotcrete machine has a rebound rate of around 20% to 30%. In contrast, the rebound rate for the electric motor castable refractory gunning machine in China is impressively low, at only 10% to 15%. This reduction in rebound is especially cost-effective because refractory materials are more expensive than standard concrete.

Monolithic castable refractory gunning machine

Moreover, using this refractory gunning machine results in minimal dust at the work site, which is not only beneficial for the equipment operator but also helps to maintain a healthier work environment.

LZ-9ER Electric motor castable refractory gunning machine is a well-proven procedure by which refractory material and castable can be applied quickly and cheaply. It is used for the hot repair of ladles and melting furnaces as well as relining or cold repair of the back lining.

Refractory gunning machine is used for kiln repair in steel plants


Refractory gunning machine used in steel plants and cement plants


Refractory gunning machine for kiln repair


gunning machine for installing refractory materials

Refractory gunning machine working test effect:

Refractory gunning machine working test effect


1. Variable output with variable-frequency drive

ABB variable-frequency drive

2. Protect frame
3. Electric vibrator
4. Bag cutter and hopper with vibrator
5. Collect dust bag
6. Clean dust gun
7. Heavy-duty solid wheels
8. Blast rubber hose

Blast Rubber Hose

9. Coupling and clamp
The coupling and clamp are optional as below:


Coupling and clamp

10. High-pressure water pump, 30 bar pressure make sure to add water fully atomize, and mix evenly.

High pressure water pump

12. Lightweight nozzle

Light weight Nozzle

1. Low rebound, low dust. 
2. Reduce the additive water amount. 
3. Improve refractory compactness and strength.
■Product Details
Bag Cutter and Hopper with Vibrator

Bag Cutter and Hopper with Vibrator

Clean Dust Gun

Clean Dust Gun

Collect Dust Bag

Collect Dust Bag

Electric Vibrator

Electric Vibrator

Heavy-duty Solid Wheels

Heavy-duty Solid Wheels

Protect Frame

Protect Frame

■Technical Parameters

LZ-9ER Electric motor castable refractory gunning machine specification (with electric motor drive):

Rated Output

3-9m3 /h(6-18ton/h)

Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance


Max. Aggregate Size

Φ20 mm

Conveying Hose Inner Diameter


Operating Air Pressure


Air Consumption


Motor Power



3 phase,380V,50Hz

Material Charging Height


Rotor Speed


Overall Dimension(L×W×H)




 Spare parts:
LZ-9ER Electric motor castable refractory gunning machine spare parts:  

Accessories for refractory gunning machine

Clean Dust Gun for refractory gunning machine

Nozzle for refractory gunning machine

spare parts for gunning machine

spare parts for refractory gunning machine

upper and lower seal plate

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