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Shotcrete Machine

  • LSZ-10S/E Wet and dry concrete spraying and conveying machines are specialized equipment used in construction and mining industries for the application of concrete in various forms.

  • LSZ-10S Shotcrete machine (dry and wet mix) is widely used in concrete spraying of coal mine tunnels, culverts, highways and other construction projects.

  • Our 1.5~3m3/h air motor dry mix gunite machine has been exported to Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, USA, Canada, UAE, Pakistan, Bahrain, etc.

  • LZ-9E/S Shotcrete system for tunnel boring machine is a multifunctional highly efficient rotor machine for wet & dry sprayed concrete applications, with effective outputs included between 3-9 m³/h. The materials which can be sprayed and conveyed are concr

  • LZ-9 Dry-mix Concrete Spraying Machine can be used for large-section tunnel building, mine, etc.

  • LSZ3000 wet shotcrete machine is developed for the application of shotcrete in tunnel building, mines and slopes. This machine has been designed especially for fibre spraying. And the dosing unit is combined with this machine.

  • LZ-5 Dry Mix Gunite Machine can be used for tunneling, mining operations, hydropower projects and hillside protection, etc.

  • LZ-7 dry mix shotcrete machine is a universal medium-sized shotcrete machine for the processing of dry, and has been using for tunneling, mining, hydropower projects, underground, etc.

  • LPS-7A wet gunite machine use hydraulic pumping S valve structure, two oil cylinders Reciprocating motion alternately to pump concrete from conveying pipe to nozzle, Add compress air to wet gunite machine outlet and add A percentage of the accelerator at

  • • Basic: electric drive can be combined with tyre chassis. • Extended (optional): air motor or diesel drive combined skid or rail-wheel.

  • LSZ3000V wet / dry-mix concrete shotcrete machine with variable output is an updated version, based the popular equipment in China. And it mainly is used for dry/wet spraying concrete.

  • Wet Mix Shotcrete Machine is a lightweight shotcrete machine run by a highly-reliable direct drive planetary gearbox and hydraulic power pack. Leadcrete Equipment can supply wet shotcrete machine with diesel engine, electric motor and gasoline engine for

  • The LDS2000G is a lightweight shotcrete pump run by a highly-reliable direct drive planetary gearbox and hydraulic power pack.

  • LDS2000E electric shotcrete pump is used for building dome, swimming pool etc, and pumping and spraying normal concrete, mortar, plaster and cellular light concrete.

  • LPS-7 multi-function wet spraying machine is mainly used for wet spraying for roads, railways, mining and tunnel, spraying mixed vegetation for slope of road and railway, grouting for wall, pumping fine aggregate concrete and so on.

  • LPS10/80 multi-function wet spraying machine mainly used for wet shotcrete spray and concrete slurry pumping, it could be used for roads.

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