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Plaster Machine

  • LMP-5X Screw Pump Plastering Machine with Mixer is designed to cater to the needs of large residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Additionally, it proves to be highly effective in heavy anti-corrosion engineering, fire protection engineering,

  • LMP70/30 double piston mortar pump can handle aggregates with a particle size up to a maximum of 5 mm, ensuring high efficiency, low maintenance costs and low energy consumption. Thanks to Double piston plaster pump unique design inspiration is equipped w

  • Double piston wall plastering machine is highly in demands for its market leading prices and timely delivery attribute. Machine can provide up to 240 square meters per hour quality plastered surface per day.

  • Full automatic screw type plaster machine is a screw pump high-pressure mortar spraying machine, with advanced technology, simple operation and maintenance. Automatic wall plaster machine can be operated skillfully without special training.

  • LH32H mortar spray machine is a micro-mortar transport, spraying equipment, which is designed based on the combination spraying characteristics of hose pumps and mortar (or similar materials) pumping.

  • LMP35/30 piston mortar pump is a piston pump with one single cylinder & single acting, mainly was designed for conveying and spraying mortar or plaster.

  • LMP50/40 Mortar Spraying Machine is a kind of piston and ball controlling pump, and the conveying line, piston and cylinder is specially designed and processed, so this machine is workable for high-pressure grouting/spraying mortar.

  • LMP40/10-H Mortar Plaster Pump is designed as the combination of LH38-430 hose pump (peristaltic type), mini air compressor and frequency converter.

  • LH38ME mortar pump is a plastering machine with peristaltic pump, provided of rotating internal rollers which it compressing and releasing a special hose internal on the pump; this movement allows the aspirating and pumping of the mortar.

  • LD-N2 plastering machine is a small-size, dry-mixed mortar transfer pump, which is suitable for materials less than 3mm, such as mortar that can be pumped, putty, paint, coating materials and things alike.

  • LD-N5 plastering machine widely used in spraying putty and paint for wall.It is composed of many independent components. The volume and handy design facilitate the transportation of the machine.

  • GD-N1 can be your spraying machine if it is equipped with our small-size air compressor, spray gun or relative accessories.LD-N1 is composed of many independent components. The volume and handy design facilitate the transportation of the machine.

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