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XPB-50 High Pressure Grouting Pump

  • Max.motor speed:1300(r/min)
  • Plunger stroke:110(mm)
  • Motor power:55(kw)
  • Plunger diameter:55*45*40(mm)

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The fluid end of pump adopt the assembly body and the transmission of the power end is the ball bearing with low noise and low temperature, which can keep working continuously for 24 hours.


XPB-50 high pressure grouting pump mainly applied for various grouting and oil well grouting.


♦ Three plunger;
♦ Ball valve;
♦ Simple maintenance and Long life;
■Product Details
XPB-50 High Pressure Grouting Pump

High Pressure Grouting Pump

■Technical Parameters
Max.motor speed 1300r/min Plunger No. 3pc
Plunger stroke 110mm
Motor power 55kw
Plunger diameter 55mm 45mm 40mm
Rated working pressure 20Mpa 30Mpa 38Mpa
Theoretical output 140L/min 94L/min 74L/min
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