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LHS08100A Easy Lawn Hydroseeder

  • Type: LHS08100A Easy Lawn Hydroseeder
  • Diesel power: 103KW @ 2200rpm
  • Tank effective capacity: 8m³ (2114gallon)
  • Centrifugal pump: 5”X2-1/2” (12.7cmx6.4cm), 100m³/h (440gpm) @ 10bar (145psi), 1” (2.5cm) solid clearance
  • Pump drive: In line coupled to air controlled over center clutch, pump drive is independent of agitator operation
  • Agitation: Mechanical paddle agitators and liquid recirculation

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We are professional easy lawn hydroseeder manufacturers. Leadcrete LHS08100A easy lawn
hydroseeder is the most robust member of our hydroseeder family designed to meet the needs
of middle-scale jobsites and demanding seeding applications. 

The LHS08100A easy lawn hydroseeder features a large centrifugal slurry pump, coupled with a
powerful diesel engine to provide potent pump output, intense pressure and unmatched slurry
discharge distances. The unit is also equipped with an independently controlled pump/ agitator
operation; mechanical paddle agitation; liquid recirculation; hydraulic hose reel; and a hefty
hydraulic system.

If you need a 
easy lawn hydroseeder for your project, or want to get our hydroseeder price and
details information, you can tell us freely. Email address:

Easy lawn hydroseeder typically consists of applying a mixture of wood fiber, seed, fertilizer, and
emulsion with hydro-mulch equipment, which temporarily protects exposed soils from
erosion by 
water and wind. 

LHS series easy lawn hydroseeder is more and more used in road greening, expressway slope 
greening, erosion control, landfill cover, mine reclamation, dust control, landscaping, etc. projects 

and also involves in planting permanent vegetation, spraying slurry, slope protection, grassing and
erosion prevention.

1. Chassis of easy lawn hydroseeder is welded with a 160*80*6 rectangular tube. Tank is folded by
8mm steel plate. These ensure the overall strength and durability of the 
machine, and also stable

2. Air controlled clutch, high safety factor and long service life.

3. Mechanical paddle agitator, which is convenient to use, high transmission efficiency, 
maintenance for workers, and easy to operate.

4. Driven by diesel engine, low fuel consumption, convenient operation and easy maintenance, 
reducing use and working costs.

5. Equipped with a 360°freely rotating universal nozzle, and also equipped with long and short 
and fan-shaped nozzles and pilot valves, which are convenient to exchange according to 
different working surfaces.

6. Hydraulic driven hose reel with 60 meters hose capacity.

7. Special designed slurry centrifugal pump, which can spray viscous materials from the nozzle 
with up to 70m discharge distance.

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■Product Details
Diesel engine

Diesel engine

Hose reel

Hose reel

Cycling pump

Cycling pump

Spray gun

Spray gun

Inspection hole

Inspection hole

Fuel tank

Fuel tank

■Technical Parameters
Technical Data:
Name Data
Type LHS08100A Easy Lawn Hydroseeder
Diesel power 103KW @ 2200rpm
Tank effective capacity 8m³ (2114gallon)
Centrifugal pump   5”X2-1/2” (12.7cmx6.4cm), 100m³/h (440gpm) @ 10bar (145psi), 1” (2.5cm) solid clearance
Pump drive In-line coupled to air-controlled over-center clutch, pump drive is independent of agitator operation
Agitation  Mechanical paddle agitators and liquid recirculation
Agitator drive Reversible, variable speed hydraulic motor drive (0-130rpm)
Discharge distance Up to 70m (230ft) from discharge tower
Hose reel Hydraulic driven with reversible, variable speed
Dimensions 5875x2150x2750mm
Weight 4850kg
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