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LGP300/300/75PI-E Grout station for sale

  • Dimensions: 2330x1260x1790mm
  • Weight: 1125kg
  • Mixer Capacity: 300L
  • Agitator Capacity:300L
  • Agitator Power: 1.5KW, 50Hz, 380V
  • Pump Power: 11kw, 50Hz, 380V

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LGP300/300/75PI-E grout plant is combination of mixer, rectangular agitator and piston grout pump in one plant. It is mainly used in municipal, highway, railway, hydropower, construction, mining and other construction site for grouting.
A high shear mixer is used to obtain cement paste through the intense mixing of water and cement or bentonite. The obtained mix is transported into an agitator. 
An agitator, which maintains in suspension mixes such as cement mortar or bentonite clay. Then grouting pump absorbs cement paste from agitator. Because of using rectangular agitator, makes the plant with smaller boundary dimension.
Grouting pump is designed for double-acting piston, so discharge of grouting pump is continuous, uniform and smaller pulse. The grouting pump adopts the full hydraulic drive. Grouting pressure and output are step-less adjustable and grouting pump has high speed and low speed by rotating ball valve switch.

1. Civil Engineering - dam foundations, tunnels, mining, soil nails, tiebacks, earth anchors, cable and rock bolts;
2. Structural – building and bridge restoration, foundation stabilization, foundation raising, soil compaction grouting; soil & rock grouting;
3. Construction - pavement under sealing, slab jacking and slab raising;
4. Marine - underwater foundations, piers, breakers, shoreline foundations;
5. Mining - tunnel lining, contact grouting, shaft waterproofing;
6. Utilities - encasements, waterproofing, slope line grouting;
7. Geotechnical - deep well casing, monitor wells, well sealing and abandonment.

Grout station for dam foundations

grout mixing plant for soil nails

grout station for foundation raising

grout station for earth anchors

1. Hydraulic reversing and Hydraulic drive for Vertical grouting pump;
2. Grouting pressure and output are step-less adjustable;
3. Using rectangular agitator, makes the plant has compact structure, small size;
4. Grouting pump has high speed and low speed by rotating ball valve switch;
5. With the function of record and display grouting pump reciprocating times by a counter;
6. With a air cooler and a water cooler, to adapt to different working environment temperature;
7. Mixer and agitator switch is a squeeze handle that is easy to operate and reliable.

■Product Details
Agitator can open and clean

Agitator can open and clean

Circular hose

Circular hose

Electric cabinet

Electric cabinet

Flow and pressure adjustable

Flow and pressure adjustable

High shear mixer

High shear mixer

Oil tank

Oil tank

■Technical Parameters
Description Data
Grout Station type LGP300/300/75PI-E electric grout plant
Dimensions 2330x1260x1790mm
Weight 1125kg
Capacity 300L
Output 4.5m3/h
Power 7.5Kw, 50Hz, 380V
Rated Rev 1450rpm
W/C ratio ≥0.5:1
Capacity 300L
Rated Rev. 36rpm
Power 1.5KW, 50Hz, 380V
Output and pressure

0-75L/min, 0-5Mpa(high-speed)
0-38L/min, 0-10Mpa(low-speed)

Power 11kw, 50Hz, 380V
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