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Talking about the outstanding features of cast-in-place foam concrete

Talking about the outstanding features of cast-in-place foam concrete

Cast-in-place foam concrete is a new type of engineering field material developed in recent years; it has the characteristics of light weight, good fluidity, strong durability, low cost and simple construction. It is widely used in some special engineering parts, such as road expansion, tunnel construction, backfilling, special geological treatment. The effect is very obvious and the prospect is broad.

cast-in-place foam concrete

The outstanding features of this skill are: Lightweight, fluid, self-sustaining port engineering skills and stage management. Excellent mechanical properties, simple construction, no need for large construction machinery, short construction period, can greatly reduce the additional stress applied on the foundation, and inhibit the settlement and damage of soft soil foundation embankment.
Reducing the earth pressure acting on the underground structure to improve the safety and service life of the structure can better prevent the uneven settlement of the structure and the embankment, and then eliminate the problem of road bridge head jumping. When used for road expansion and reconstruction, it can save expensive engineering land, reduce demolition and save construction costs.
Foam concrete can effectively deal with some geological problems, fill holes and caves, and improve the reinforcement of weak geological interlayers. The cast-in-place foam concrete is suitable for areas with large coastal land and river network distribution. It is especially suitable for the construction of deep complex soft soil foundations with weak structures and complex geology.

Foam concrete machine for casting concrete

Our cast-in-place foam concrete machine is specially designed for cast-in-place foam concrete, and our cast-in-place foam concrete machine is a full foam concrete production line, it includes conveyor, mixer, foam generator and piston pump. And our cast-in-place foam concrete machine can adjust the density of foam concrete by adjusting the quantity of foam adding, so you can get different densities foam concrete for different applications, such as, floor heating, roof insulation, clc block making, etc. If you need more information about foam concrete, please feel free to contact us. Email address:

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