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Grouting works drilling rig

  • Model:Drilling depth
  • LZJ1500/2500:50m
  • Drilling diameter:60mm
  • Drilling angle:15°to 90°
  • Rotating speed:170r/min
  • Stroke:2500mm

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  • hydraulic drilling rig
  • hydraulic drilling rig for sale
  • compact grouting drilling rig
  • jet grouting drilling rig
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LZJ1500/2500 hydraulic drilling rig are mainly used for WSS Grouting technology which is double tube grouting at the ends of hole.

double slurry grouting drilling rig


It can grouting cement, sodium silicate double slurry, and worked in subway, tunnel construction and other projects for sealing the foundation pit gushing water, collapse, land subsidence, etc. which caused by underground water, quicksand, karst cave.

slurry grouting drilling rig



jet grouting drill rig

drill rig for grouting

■Product Details
Grouting works drilling rig

Grouting works drilling rig details

drilling rig application

Drilling rig details

double slurry grouting drilling rig

Double slurry grouting drilling rig structure

grouting works drilling rig

grouting works drilling rig application

double slurry grouting drilling rig

Double slurry grouting drilling rig application

grouting drilling rig for sale

Grouting drilling rig for sale

■Technical Parameters
Model LZJ1500/2500 grout drilling rig
Drilling depth 50m
Drilling diameter 60mm
Drilling angle 15°to 90°
Rotating speed 170r/min
Stroke 2500mm
Torque 1500N.m
Lifting force 50KN
Power 15kw
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