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LF15 wireless remote control foam concrete machine

  • Maximum output: 15m3/h
  • The maximum delivery height: 100m
  • Farthest transport distance: 500m
  • Total power: 13.5kw
  • Mixing bucket volume: 0.4m3
  • Weight: 800kg

  • clc light weight concrete block making machine
  • light weight concrete making equipment
  • foam cement brick making equipment
  • lightweight foam concretre machine
  • cement foam unit
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LF15 foam concrete machine is a medium-sized cement foaming machine that meets the requirements
of on-site construction according to market demand. The machine is divided into feeding system,
mixing system, foaming system, mixing system, high-pressure pipeline conveying system, and adopts
advanced technology such as frequency conversion speed regulation. The overall weight is light, easy
to move and operate, and the performance is stable, which can meet the requirements of different
engineering scales.
LF15 cement foam concrete unit transports foam concrete using the most suitable hose pump.
The hose pump hardly damages the performance of the foam concrete compared to the screw pump
and the piston pump.


1. LF15 wireless remote control foam concrete machine is suitable for warm construction.
2. Roof insulation construction: Foamed concrete has a good thermal insulation effect, which is 20-30
times that of traditional materials. The room temperature of the top layer is kept the same as other
floors, keeping warm in winter and cool in summer.
3. It can be used to produce cement foam board, cement foam brick and exterior wall insulation
materials of various specifications.
LF15 foam concrete pump for CLC blocks is suitable for filling tunnels or mine voids or foundation

5. Other insulation requirements applicable to various antifreeze pipes or projects.


1. LF15 integrated foam concrete machine is small size, light weight and convenient operation.
2. The pumping system uses the most suitable hose pump hardly damage to the foam to ensure the perfect final performance of the foam concrete product.
 LF15 portable foam concrete pump is possible to precisely control the amount of foam added and control the final density of foam concrete to meet engineering requirements and accurately control production costs.
4. Long life, stable performance and easy maintenance.
5. The proportion of foaming agent can be adjusted.
6. Adjustable pump speed and flow control.
7. High cost performance.

■Product Details
clc light weight concrete block making machine

CLC light weight concrete block making machine

■Technical Parameters

 Technical Data:

Maximum output
The maximum delivery height
Farthest transport distance
Total power
Mixing bucket volume


Size 1850*1000*1400mm

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