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LHS0683 Hydroseeder machine

  • Model: LHS0683
  • Mixing Tank Geometric Volume: 6000L
  • Mixing Tank Working Volume: 5600-5800L
  • Mixing Tank Mixing Mode: Hydraulic infinitely variable, blades mixing and circular jet mixing
  • Power System Power: 83KW
  • Power System Diesel Engine: 4RMAZG

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LHS0683 hydroseeder machineis suitable for low slope green project. It is widely used in riverbank,
highway, railway low slope and wasteland, lawn, fruity garden, farmland, etc. where need to spray
grass seeds.

slope green machine

Hydro seeding machine is used for spraying seeding grass planting, spray seeding protection
technology is based on the principle of liquid seeding, which has strong vitality. After scientific
treatment and fertilization, it can meet a variety of greening functions of plant seeds. It can plant soil,
fiber materials, water retaining agent, adhesive and water. 

Hydro soil seeding steps

According to the actual construction of the diesel power replaced the motor power, and installation
of the wheels, either reduce the cost of the machine and easy machine in unsuitable vehicles
moving in and out of place, but also easy handling gantry crane installation according to customer
requirements. The hydroseeder is suitable for mixture which includes grass seeds, soil, grass fiber.
The hydroseeder install a horizontal spiral conveying and mixing system, can make mixture uniformity
to improve the seeds germination rate and growth rate. The LHS0683 hydroseeder for sale has a
maximum solid content of up to 70%. Hydroseeder can media capable of transmitting high solid
content, such as slurry.
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Hydroseeding machine is also suitable for stable soil slope, high fill subgrade slope, artificial soil
slope, lawn, paddy field, garden, golf course, park, school, soil improvement and erosion control site.

soil seeding spraying machine

1. Hydroseeder machine is easy to use. The highway green machine can operate independently.
2. Sowing uniformly and efficiently. Road slope green machine can complete the process of
fertilization, seeding, seeding, cover and so on step by step, less affected by wind, can improve the
speed and quality of lawn planting.
3. High-tech, can integrate grass seeds, fertilizers and packaging materials, integration of chemical
and biological energy, and mechanical lying can be applied to the ground.
4. China hydro mulcher for sale is easy to move, especially suitable for low- and medium-grade slopes
and scattered slopes.
5. The cost of green construction using hydroseeder for sale is lower than the cost of laying grass
rollers. Moreover, hydro seeding machine does not occupy arable land, so there is no need for excavation,
loading, planting and long-distance transportation, which can reduce labor intensity. 
6. Hydro mulching equipment can overcome the adverse effects of natural conditions and spray on
steep slopes that are difficult to successfully sow. At the same time, diesel hydroseeding machine can
resist wind, rain and water erosion, and meet the needs of turf construction under different
construction site conditions.
7. The China hydro seeder sold greatly improves the construction safety.
■Product Details
China hydro seeder

China hydro seeder

hydro mulching equipment

Hydro mulching equipment

Slope green machine

Hydroseeding machine nozzle

China hydro mulcher for sale

Hydroseeding machine with trailer trie

hydro mulching equipment for slope

Operating ststem of hydroseeding machine

slope green machine for high way

Hydroseeder accessories

■Technical Parameters
Technical Data:
Model LHS0683
Mixing tank Geometric volume 6000L
Working volume 5600-5800L
Mixing mode Hydraulic infinitely variable, blades mixing and circular jet mixing
Power system Power 83KW
Diesel engine 4RMAZG
Rotate speed 2400rpm
Pump system Output 90CBM/h (1500l/min)
Exit pressure 1.05Mpa
Materials rate 60%
Maximum aggregate 10mm
Maximum horizontal conveying distance 80m
Other parameter Dimension 5000*2100*2600mm
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