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LD10B double mixer foam concrete machine

  • Model No./Cement foam machine: LD10B
  • Max. theoretical concrete put(m³/h): 10
  • Motor power(kw): 11
  • Theoretical vertical conveying height(m): 40
  • Theoretical level transmission distance(m): 300
  • Mixer tank capacity(L): 350

  • double mixer foam concrete machine
  • lightweight foam concrete machine
  • RBM foam concrete machine
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Xisihuan Ring-Road East, Tielu, Xiliu Lake sub-district, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou, Henan China


LD10B series foam concrete machine is self-developed patent product, with completely independent
intellectual property rights. Our product is only one can comparable with overseas machines which
adopt digital control technology, can continuously exact adjust foam cement density. It also meet
different density of foam concrete product produce, at present. Our LD series 
double mixer foam
concrete machine
 have already big batch export to overseas market, achieving a historic
breakthrough that China cement foam machine from import to export.


1. Ldeal equipment for light foam cement producing, applied for large area field of insulating layer in
floor heating constructions, with daily 5000m2(3cm high) capacity, vertical conveying distance 120m,
horizontal 800m, flexible density at 250-1600kg/m3. The surface will flow smooth naturally.

2. Lightweight foam concrete machine is applied for roof insulation constructions. The foam material
used in roof insulation is with warm keeping, heat insulating function, it’s effect is 20-30 times the
ordinary material, which keeps the room temperature of top floor the same as other floors, warm in
winter and cool in summer.

3. LD10B foam concrete brick machine can be used in producing various specifications of cement
foam board, cement foam bricks and external wall insulation material. Also applied for insulation,
moisture proofing, anticorrosion of water, heating and transmission oil pipeline, insulation of low
temperature cold store and refrigerated depot section, can also be used in filling tunnel and mine
internal voids etc.


1. Duplex full-hydraulic driven system to ensure high output pressure for high-rise construction.

2. Duplex mixer system to ensure continuous production and uniform density. This design can
improve capacity and save labor greatly.

3. Automatically control the proportion of the various components, density of foaming cement easy to
be adjusted.

4. High-quality wear resistant components for long service-life and also provide after-sales service security.

5. Installed with walk round, can move on the ground or mounted on the truck.

6. Air cooling system, without dependence of external water.

7. RBM foam concrete machine is equipped with wired remote controller, easy to operate.

8. Duplex foam concrete machine can be used as cement foaming machine and mortar pump.


■Product Details
double mixer foam concrete machine

Double mixer foam concrete machine

Foam concrete brick machine

Foam concrete brick machine

■Technical Parameters

 Technical Data:

Model No./Cement foam machine
Max. theoretical concrete put(m³/h)
Motor power(kw)
Theoretical vertical conveying height(m)
Theoretical level transmission distance(m)
Mixer tank capacity(L)
Filling height(mm)
Feeder size(mm)
Foam concrete machine dimension(mm)
Total weight(kg)
Mixer size 

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