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Full Automatic Screw Type Plaster Machine

  • Output:3m3/h
  • Max. pressure:3Mpa
  • Horizontal transport distance :60m
  • Vertical transport distance:30m
  • Power of main motor:7.5kw/12hp
  • Maximum particle size:4mm

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LMP3 Full automatic screw type plaster machine is a screw pump high-pressure mortar spraying machine, with advanced technology, simple operation and maintenance. Automatic wall plaster machine can be operated skillfully without special training. Basically no ash falls, water, and material, the cost can be reduced more than 20%. This screw type plaster machine is simple operation, speed, high efficiency, low labor intensity. And this full automatic plaster machine carries with an air compressor.

LMP3 Screw type plaster machine is designed to mortar spraying, grout cement, mud, slurry, etc. It’s also commonly used in backfill and consolidation grouting in road, highways, tunnels, railways, hydroelectric power station and underground chambers construction.

1. This automatic plaster pump is continuous feeding, no pulse;

2. Reasonable design, pumps and compressors integrated, easy to move;

3. Wide application, can spray powder, mortar, also can spray ordinary mortar;

4. The special design of the working valve chamber ensures the mortar flow easily, small resistance, no deposition, spray evenly, strong adhesion;

5. Full automatic screw type plaster machine is equipped with special mortar nozzle, making spraying operation more smoothly, continuously and reducing the rebound effectively.

■Product Details
LMP3 mortar pump

LMP3 mortar pump

Diesel engine of mortar spraying pump

Diesel engine of mortar spraying pump

Accessories of model mortar pump

Accessories of model mortar pump

■Technical Parameters
LMP3 Full Automatic Screw Type Plaster Machine
Model number LMP3
Output 3m3/h
Max. pressure 3Mpa
Horizontal transport distance  60m
Vertical transport distance 30m
Power of main motor 7.5kw/12hp
Maximum particle size 4mm
Inner diameter of the transport pipe 25/32mm
Bucket capacity 80L
Air compressor 0.3㎡/h
Overall dimension 1460*60*1100mm
Weight 360kg
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