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LF40 foam concrete machine complete unit with pump

  • Model: LF40
  • Max. Output: 35-40m3/h
  • Output Pressure: 7MPa
  • Max. Horizontal Transporting Range: 450m
  • Max. Vertical Transporting Height: 180m
  • Acceptable Max. Aggregates size: 8mm

  • foam concrete machine complete unit
  •  foam concrete machine unit
  • cement foam concrete with pump
  • foam concrete pump for making foam concrete
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The LF40 cement foam concrete machine mix cement and water in the mixer tank to make concrete slurry, then convey them into pipeline by hydraulic cylinder; foam agent are mixed with water then mixed with compressed air by high pressure pump, in pipeline rich foam formed and mixed with concrete slurry to be foam concrete.

1. F
oam concrete machine with pump is applied in freezing prevention and temperature maintenance of pipeline;
2. Foam concrete machine complete unit can be used in producing various specifications of cement foam board, cement foam bricks and external wall insulation material; 
3. Can be used in filling tunnel and mine internal voids, etc. And applied for insulation of low temperature cold store and refrigerated depot section; 
4. Applied for roof insulation constructions: The foam material used in roof insulation is with warm keeping, heat insulating function, it’s effect is 20-30 times the ordinary material, which keeps the room temperature of top floor the same as other floors, warm in winter and cool in summer; 
5. Foam concrete machine is applied for insulating layer in floor heating constructions: the surface will flow smooth naturally and is an essential advanced equipment for floor heating construction; 


1. High cost-performance;
2. According demands to choose suitable pumping speed;
3. Foam concrete machine with pump is mainly used for roof insulation, floor heating, foam concrete block,etc.projects; 
4. Foaming system adjust frequency control speed, could adjust foaming agent ratio;
5. Foam concrete machine complete unit with Simple structure, light weight, easy operate. 

■Product Details
foam concrete machine with pump for sale

Foam concrete machine with pump for sale

Foam concrete machine complete unit for making block

Foam concrete machine complete unit for making block

Foam concrete machine for casting

Foam concrete machine for casting

■Technical Parameters
Model LF40
Max.Output 35-40m3/h
Output Pressure 7MPa
Max.Horizontal Transporting Range 450m
Max. Vertical Transporting Height 180m
Acceptable Max. Aggregates size 8mm
Control method of foam system digital frequency conversion
Filling height 1100mm
Feeder motor power  1.5kw
Power 41KW
Main Machine Dimension 2200×1540×1760mm
Mixer Dimension 1940*780*1470mm
Feeder Dimension 3800×760×830mm

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