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LF20D cellular lightweight concrete machine for cast in situ

  • Model: LF20D
  • Max. theoretical concrete put(m³/h): 20
  • Diesel engine power(kw): 53
  • Theoretical vertical conveying height(m): 80
  • Theoretical level transmission distance(m): 500
  • Mixer tank capacity(L): 580

  • cellular lightweight concrete machine for cast in situ
  • diesel foam concrete machine
  • CLC machine for sale
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LF20D cellular lightweight concrete machine for cast in situ capacity is 20m3/h, can meet different densities of foam concrete products manufacturing. It includes a screw conveyor, a concrete mixer, a foam generator and a hydraulic piston pump, adopts digital control technology, can exactly adjust foam cement density.

1. Pumping, foaming and mixing system assembles as a whole, convenient to use.
2. LF20D diesel foam concrete machine is a middle-sized one, designed for bricks production, which is easy to operate and mobile.
3. Cellular lightweight concrete machine is specially designed to use where there is no power, no electricity, using diesel to drive the machine.
4. Cellular lightweight concrete machine has the continuous feeding system and water supply system, with high pumping height and low power requirement.


1. Frequency converter: can exactly adjust foam cement density.
2. Hydraulic piston system: stable flow, small fluctuation, and low foam loss ratio.
3. Screw conveyor: automatic delivery, time-saving and labour-saving.
4. Static mixer: reduce the ratio of foam loss and guarantee the quality of the foam concrete.
5. Diesel engine of CLC machine: use diesel as the power, need not the electricity, adapt to operate where there is no electricity, can be used outside or field.

■Product Details
diesel foam concrete equipment

Diesel foam concrete equipment

■Technical Parameters
Model LF20D
Max. theoretical concrete put(m³/h) 20
Diesel engine power(kw) 53
Theoretical vertical conveying height(m) 80
Theoretical level transmission distance(m) 500
Mixer tank capacity(L) 580
Filling height(mm) 1100
Mixer size(mm) 1940*780*1470
Feeder size(mm) 3990*760*830
Main part overall dimension(mm) 4000*1500*1900
Weight of main part(kg) 3000
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