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LCPM UHPC ultra high performance concrete planetary mixer

  • Item: LCPM1000 UHPC concrete planetary mixer
  • Feeding Volume (L): 1500
  • Feeding Weight (Kg): 2400
  • Output Volume  (L): 1000
  • Mixing Power (Kw): 37
  • Mixing Star*Blade: 2*3

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  • UHPC planetary concrete mixer
  • UHPC ultra high performance concrete planetary mixer
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Xisihuan Ring-Road East, Tielu, Xiliu Lake sub-district, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou, Henan China

The LCPM UHPC Ultra High-Performance Concrete Planetary Mixer, often referred to as the Counter Current UHPC Planetary Concrete Mixer, represents an advanced engineering feat born out of meticulous research, development, and manufacturing using state-of-the-art German technology. This unique planetary concrete mixer stands out by offering a wider array of applications than its twin shaft forced concrete mixer equivalent, delivering superior mixing capabilities across a diverse range of concrete varieties such as standard commercial concrete, precast concrete, low slump concrete, dry concrete, plastic fiber-reinforced concrete, and more. It particularly excels in overcoming the complex challenges inherent to HPC (High-Performance Concrete) mixing processes.

planetary concrete mixer with hydraulic discharging  door

Our line of high-performance planetary concrete mixers is equipped with an array of components designed for supreme mixing outcomes: paddles, paddle arms, scrapers, and scraper arms. The mixer's powerful motor drives the mixing action through the mixing arm, which transfers energy to the mixing materials. The arm-mounted blades and paddles ensure the thorough blending of substances within the mixer chamber. The scraper arms play a critical role in preventing material buildup on the blender liner, thereby averting blockages. To meet specific requirements, we can customize or fine-tune these tools to guarantee peak performance upon customer request.

counter current UHPC planetary concrete mixer

UHPC concrete planetary mixer manufacturer

UHPC planetary mixer for sale

UHPC planetary mixer with hydraulic discharging door

UHPC vertical shaft planetary mixer


A broad spectrum of materials can be efficiently handled by our hydraulic discharging planetary concrete mixer, extending to both UHPC Ultra High-Performance Concrete and a variety of other construction and industrial applications. 

hydraulic discharging planetary concrete mixer for mixing UHPC ultra high performance concrete

Refractory Materials: Molded refractories, Unmolded refractories.
Concrete Products: Pre-mixed Concrete, Prefabricated Concrete, Foam Concrete, Colored Concrete, Lightweight Concrete, Spray-applied Concrete (Shotcrete).
Additional Building Components: Dry Mortar Mixes, Wet Mortar Mixtures, Gypsum Composites, Aggregate Blending, Emulsified Asphalt Processing, Cementitious Adhesives.
Miscellaneous Applications: Glass Manufacturing, Fertilizer Production, Water Treatment Processes, Mine Backfill Operations.
Our planetary concrete mixer is optionally equipped with a hydraulic discharge mechanism, allowing for full or partial opening of the discharge door. For added versatility, we also provide a hydraulic power unit that caters to dual discharge doors, enhancing the overall efficiency and adaptability to different mixing need.


1. Employing a patented, specially designed high-strength and highly-reliable planetary reducer, ensuring exceptional durability and functionality.
2. Versatile design allows for flexibility in configuration, with options to incorporate 1-3 discharge doors to suit various production line requirements.
3. Ensures outstanding homogeneity during the mixing process for uniformity in the final product.
4. Features interchangeable wear-resistant liners secured with counter-sunk fixing bolts for easy replacement and extended service life.
5. Each moveable cover is fitted with an interlocking device and a safety switch to ensure maximum operational security.
6. Boasting a simple yet sturdy structure, this equipment ensures ease of maintenance and convenient upkeep, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Counter-current Gearing System
The rotation direction of mixing stars is reversed with the revolution direction, and each mixing star’s direction is also different. The circulation movement and convective movement make the material severely mix and achieve uniform distribution.

Convection Mixing Device
★High mixing efficiency, and low energy consumption.
★Compared with traditional planetary mixers, the mixing time of LCMP could be reduced by 15~20%.
★The no-load current and load current with the same material can be 15~20% lower.

Mixing Locus Diagrams
The diagram shows the perfect mixing action of the LCPM UHPC ultra high performance concrete planetary mixer from 6 to 60 seconds after the materials are added. Note that the floor is completely swept by the mixing star’s action every 4 revolutions (6 seconds) and that each zone is covered at regular intervals in time.

Mixing Locus Diagrams

■Product Details
Hydraulic power unit

Hydraulic power unit

Gear device

Gear device

Emergency switch

Emergency switch

Maintaining door

Maintaining door

Mixing device

Mixing device

Water spray pipe

Water spray pipe

■Technical Parameters
Pneumatic discharging door (hydraulic discharge door optional) UHPC ultra high performance concrete planetary mixer:
Item LCPM50 LCPM100 LCPM150 LCPM250
Feeding Volume (L) 75 150 225 375
Feeding Capacity (Kg) 120 240 360 600
Output Volume  (L) 50 100 150 250
Mixing Power (Kw) 3 5.5 7.5 11
Mixing Star*Blade 1*2 1*2 1*2 1*2
Side Scraper 1 1 1 1
Discharge Scraper - - 1 1
Discharging Power (KW) Pneumatic Discharging Door (Hydraulic Discharge Door Optional)
Weight (Kg) 750 1000 1300 1500

Item LCPM330 LCPM500 LCPM750
Feeding Volume (L) 500 750 1125
Feeding Capacity (Kg) 790 1200 1800
Output Volume  (L) 330 500 750
Mixing Power (Kw) 15 18.5 30
Mixing Star*Blade 1*2 1*3 1*3
Side Scraper 1 1 1
Discharge Scraper 1 1 1
Discharging Power (KW) Pneumatic Discharging Door (Hydraulic Discharge Door Optional)
Weight (Kg) 2000 2400 3900


UHPC planetary mixer made in China

Hydraulic discharge door optional UHPC ultra high performance concrete planetary mixer: 

Item LCPM1000 LCPM1250 LCPM1500
Feeding Volume (L) 1500 1875 2250
Feeding Capacity (Kg) 2400 3000 3600
Output Volume (L) 1000 1250 1500
Mixing Power (Kw) 37 45 55
Mixing Star*Blade 2*3 2*3 2*3
Side Scraper 1 1 1
Discharge Scraper 1 1 1
Discharging Power (Kw) 3 3 3
Weight (Kg) 5500 6000 6500


Item LCPM2000 LCPM2500 LCPM3000 LCPM4000
Feeding Volume (L) 3000 3750 4500 6000
Feeding Capacity (Kg) 4800 6000 7250 9600
Output Volume (L) 2000 2500 3000 4000
Mixing Power (Kw) 75 90 110 132
Mixing Star*Blade 3*3 3*3 3*3 3*3
Side Scraper 1 1 1 1
Discharge Scraper 2 2 2 2
Discharging Power (Kw) 4 4 4 4
Weight (Kg) 9200 11000 12000 17500
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