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LR5 mini CLC foam generator

  • Model: LR5
  • Power: 3kw
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Foam volume: 5-10m³/h
  • Dimension: 70×50×90cm
  • Weight: 70kg

  • mini foam generator
  • ,mini CLC foam generator
  • concrete foam generator
  • foam generator for concrete
  • concrete block foam generator
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LR5 mini CLC foam generator is an airtight container, used to mix air, foam agent and water. The foam maker includes an air compressor. Because CLC foam generator needs high pressure air to make the materials well blended, then produce foam


Mini foam generator works with foam concrete mixer and pump, to make foam concrete with different density. If you need large density foam concrete blocks, you need add less foam; if you want to make small density blocks, you need add more foam.


1. Simple operation.

2. Durable and easy maintain.

3. Concrete foam generator is small size, easy to carry.

4. Concrete block foam generator can produce rich and continuous foam.

■Product Details
mini CLC foam generator

Mini CLC foam generator for sale

foam generator for concrete

Foam generator for concrete

high expansion foam generator

High expansion foam generator

■Technical Parameters
Model LR5
Power 3kw
Voltage 380v
Foam volume 5-10m³/h
Dimension 70×50×90cm
Weight 70kg
Air compressor capacity 0.25m³/min
Bubble diameter  0.2-0.6mm
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