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LPS-7A Small Concrete Pump

  • output: 5-8m3/h
  • Max. pressure: 8MPa
  • Distribution valve type: S valve
  • Stroke x cylinder ID: 550×120mm
  • Hopper volume: 210L
  • Power: 22Kw

  • small portable concrete pump
  • small mini concrete pump
  • portable concrete pump
  • mini concrete pump
  • small concrete pump for sale
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LPS-7A small concrete pump use hydraulic pumping S valve structure, two oil cylinders reciprocating
motion alternately to pump concrete from conveying pipe to nozzle, Add compress air to 
concrete pump
 outlet and add A percentage of the accelerator at nozzle, concrete slurry be sprayed
to surface directly.

LPS-7A small portable concrete pump output could be adjusted continuously: The main oil pump is a
variable displacement piston pump, and the fuel injection amount can be adjusted freely. Accelerated
addition can be continuously adjusted: stepless adjustment according to the amount of concrete
 Leadcrete small mini concrete pump equipped self-lubrication system for the mini concrete
 to automatic lubrication for main sealing parts, thus could lengthen wearing parts working life


1) Small concrete pump that transports green soil in ecological environment construction;

2) Small mini concrete pump for conveying various engineering constructions in ordinary concrete and
fiber concrete;

3) Mini concrete pump for conveying lightweight foamed cement, mortar and fine aggregate concrete for floor heating;

4) Small concrete pump with adjustable capacity for conveying refractory materials and insulating

5) Adjustable capacity concrete pump can be used for pressure grouting of foundation piles.


1. Accelerating adding quantity could be adjusted continuously;

2. With guide pulley, easy to move, location;

3. With reverse function, reduce pipe plugged;

4. Main oil pump is variable displacement plunger pump, spraying volume could be adjusted freely;

5. Use S valve reversing, good sealing performance, longer working life;

6. Equipped floating wearing ring on S valve, could self-compensating wearing;

7. High outlet pressure, could meet the demands of concrete pumping for high building;

8. Hydraulic system adopt air-cooler, easy operate, don’t need water;

9. Equipped self-lubrication system to automatic lubrication for main sealing parts, lengthen wearing parts working life.

■Product Details
Additive pump stepless speed handle

Additive pump stepless speed handle

Auto-lubrication pump

Auto-lubrication pump

High pressure clamp

High pressure clamp

PLC control

PLC control

Shotcrete spray nozzle

Shotcrete spray nozzle

wireless remote control

wireless remote control

■Technical Parameters

Technical Data:

LPS-7A small concrete pump
Item spec unit Remarks
output 5-8 m3/h  
Max. pressure 8 MPa  
Distribution valve type S valve   With accumulator
Stroke x cylinder ID 550×120 mm  
Hopper volume 210 L With mixer and vibrator
Power 22 Kw  
rotation 1450 r/min  
Main oil pump 30-50 cc/Rev constant power control, Manual variable
Hydraulic oil tank volume 160 L  
Air pressure 0.7 Mpa shotcrete
Air consumption 6 m3/min shotcrete
Acceptable max. aggregate size 20 mm  
Suitable concrete slump 8-15 cm  
Accelerate flow 70-320 L/min LH15-200
Dimension 3500x1360x1530 mm  
Weight 1515 Kg  

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