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LMP50/40 Mortar Spraying Machine

  • Rated Output:50(L/min)
  • Rated Pressure:4(MPa)
  • Cylinder Dia.:90(mm)
  • Piston Stroke:85(mm)
  • Stroke/Minute:95/(min)
  • Inlet diameter:75(mm)

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LMP50/40 Mortar Spraying Machine is a kind of piston and ball controlling pump, and the conveying line, piston and cylinder is specially designed and processed, so this machine is workable for high-pressure grouting/spraying mortar (the mixture of sand: cement: water).

Remark: Electric motor type and diesel engine type are for optional. 

LMP50/40 Mortar Spraying Machine is successfully used in sealing, strengthening, stabilizing of rock and soil, tunneling, building hydro-power project, etc., and also used for spraying mortar in construction and 3D Panel, etc.

♦ Single piston with single-acting.
♦ Ball valve.
♦ Mechanical transmission.
♦ Integrate pump head and hopper.
♦ Prevent eduction and deposition together with the paddle agitating.
■Product Details
Electric Motor Type

Electric Motor Type

Diesel Engine Type

Diesel Engine Type

■Technical Parameters
Rated Output 50L/min
Rated Pressure 4MPa(40bar/580PSI)
Cylinder Dia. 90mm
Piston Stroke 85mm
Stroke/Minute 95/min
Inlet diameter 75mm
Outlet diameter 50mm
Max. Aggregate size 5mm
Water cement ratio 1: 3
Power unit 5.5KW(Electric),10hp(Diesel)
10hp(Diesel)Chassis Skid or Tyre
Weight 450kg
Overall Dimensions 1715x1024x900(mm)
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