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LH38ME mortar pump

  • Voltage:380V/50Hz, 3phase
  • Pump motor:3 kW
  • Motor inner hopper agitator:0.5 kW
  • Maximum working pressure:23bar
  • Maximum aggregate size:up to 4 mm
  • Pump output capacity:up to 35 l/min

  • cement mortar pump
  • wall plastering machine
  • mortar spray machine
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LH38ME mortar pump is a plastering machine with peristaltic pump, provided of rotating internal rollers which it compressing and releasing a special hose internal on the pump; this movement allows the aspirating and pumping of the mortar.


LH38ME mortar pump is used for spraying and transport traditional or common mortars, cement and lime based plaster on indoor and outdoor walls and ceilings. Especially special lightweight renders, tuff and pozzolana, special insulating lightweight reinforced renders, fiber reinforced, polystyrene, cork based plasters, and transport of self levelling screed up to aggregate size of 4 mm.


1. Compact structure with stirring and suitable for mortar transfer and spraying.

2. Electric vibrating screen on standard equipment.

3. Pneumatic remote control directly on spray gun.

4. Inner agitator is on the hopper.

5. Duration of peristaltic internal hose is significantly higher than other plastering of the same peristaltic type.

6. Robust and manageable is equipped with pneumatic tubeless wheels, handles for moving and hooks for lifting.

7. It can be used with planetary mixer and any type of concrete mixers or others.

8. It can be used for special lightweight renders.

9. It has very fast maintenance and cleaning.

■Product Details
Mortar pump detail

Mortar pump detail

Spray gun

Spray gun

■Technical Parameters
Item LH38ME mortar pump
Voltage 380V/50Hz, 3phase
Pump motor 3 kW
Motor inner hopper agitator 0.5 kW
Maximum working pressure 23bar
Maximum aggregate size up to 4 mm
Pump output capacity up to 35 l/min.
Maximum pumping distance 50 - 60 m
Maximum pumping height 20 m
Hopper capacity 140 l
Length x width x height 1600 x 900 x 710 mm
Loading height 700 mm
Weight 280 kg
Standard Hose equipment 30 m (20 m + 10 m)
Other material in a standard equipment Instructions manual, spray gun, toolbox, accessories and declaration of conformity.
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