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LGH-HD Series Dual Slurry Hydraulic Grouting Pump

  • Power:7.5(kw)
  • Overall Dimension:1.2×0.7×1.1(m)
  • Weight:360(kg)
  • Aggregate:≤Φ3(mm)

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Xisihuan Ring-Road East, Tielu, Xiliu Lake sub-district, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou, Henan China



LGH-HD series hydraulic grout pump is suitable for grouting plugging project of high pressure
and large displacement. This pump transmits pressure signals by working medium (slurry and
hydraulic oil) to form closed-loop automatic control function, therefore the pump is simple in
structure, can regulate timely and accurately, and has no overpressure problem. This pump can
adjust its output and working pressure by continuously Variable adjustment, and has the function
of automatic regulating output according to the pre-seted grouting final pressure. 


LGH-HD series hydraulic grout pump can grout simple-liquid, dual-liquid and chemical grout. 


The technology originally comes from Japan, and is updated by us, right now, our LGH-HD series
grout pumps have new characteristics as follows:

♦ New technical hydraulic system with smooth shift and reliable work..
♦ Volume and weight are about the half of the original Japanese pump.
♦ Equipped with large capacity hydraulic accumulator, no impact in shift.
♦ Equipped with large size water cooler, can work continuously for a long time.
♦ Operation and maintenance are simple.
♦ The pump is equipped dual-liquid regulator(patented).
♦ With ISO, CE certificate.

■Product Details
■Technical Parameters

Technical Data:

7.5kw High Pressure Grout Pump
Power(kw) Overall Dimension Weight(kg) Aggregate Pump Slurry Ratio Hydraulic oil tank
7.5 1.2×0.7×1.1m 360 ≤Φ3mm 0.5:1~1:1(W/C) 100L
Power(kw) Model Output(L/Min) Pressure(Mpa)
7.5 LGH140/6-7.5HD ≤140 ≤6
  LGH 120/7-7.5HD ≤120 ≤7
  LGH 100/9-7.5HD ≤100 ≤9
  LGH 80/11-7.5HD ≤80 ≤11
  LGH 66/13-7.5HD ≤66 ≤13
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