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LHS0353 Mini Hydroseeder

  • Model: LHS0353
  • Tank Size: Liquid capacity 3000L
  • Power: 53KW
  • Pump Output: 70m3/h
  • Rotating speed of mixer shaft: 0-110rpm
  • Maximum horizontal conveying distance: 60m

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Xisihuan Ring-Road East, Tielu, Xiliu Lake sub-district, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou, Henan China



LHS0353 mini hydroseeder is one mid-size hydroseeding machine, application of a seed, fertilizer, wood fibre, and binder slurry using a specially mini hydroseeder. This mini hydroseeder incorporates the seed, fertilizer, wood fibre, and binder in a slurry mixture with water, and then sprays this slurry (or Hydramulch) on the area to be treated via a high pressure pump system.

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LHS0353 Mini hydroseeder is used for large residential and commercial projects, apartment, office building, industrial parks and more other efficient, cost effective and profitable applications.

hydroseeder application

1. LHS0353 mini hydroseeder power is 53kw China brand diesel engine, water-cooled.
2. Specially design centrifugal pump: 4’’x2’’, capacity 70m3/h.
3. Spraying distance of up to 60m from cannon.
4. With hydraulic hose reel.
5. Agitator with helical paddle orientation and liquid recirculation.

■Product Details
Hydraulic roll hose

Hydraulic roll hose

Special designing centrifugal pump

Special designing centrifugal pump

spray gun

Spray gun

Diesel engine with air cooling

Diesel engine with air cooling



Feeding port

Feeding port

■Technical Parameters
Model LHS0353 mini hydroseeder LHS0353 mini hydroseeder with trailer
Power 53KW, Chinese brand engine, water-cooled/air cooled
Tank Size Liquid capacity: 3000L
Working capacity: 2550L
Pump Centrifugal pump:4’’x2’’ (10X5cm), 70m³/h@7bar, 10mm solid clearance
Agitation Mechanical agitator with helical paddle orientation and liquid recirculation
Rotating speed of mixer shaft 0-110rpm
Maximum horizontal conveying distance 60m
Spraying guns type Fixed standing gun
Height of fence 1100mm
Dimensions 3350x2030x2600mm 4800x2100x2900mm
Weight 2950kgs 3500kgs
Options Stainless steel material for whole unit, Hose Reel with hose, Remote control unit, Trailer
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