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LH32H Mortar Spray Machine

  • Output:5-20L/min
  • Working Pressure:1.5Mpa
  • Squeeze pump Model:LH32-330
  • Rotor Speed:32r/min
  • Gearbox:KF57
  • Electric Motor Power:2.2KW 380V 50HZ 3phase

  • Mortar Spray Machine
  • Mortar Spraying Machine
  • spraying machine for plaster
  • spray machine for mortar
  • ABB Variable Frequency for Mortar Spray Machine
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LH32H mortar spray machine is a micro-mortar transport, spraying equipment, which is designed based on the combination spraying characteristics of hose pumps and mortar (or similar materials) pumping. 


Equipped with a special spraying gun, LH32H mortar spraying machine can be used for spraying glass fiber mortar, mortar, gypsum, putty and other viscous, difficult to transport materials. Spray uniform and continuous, widely used in construction and crafts production areas.

1. No valve, suitable for pumping mortar with glass fiber and other viscous slurry;
2. Variable output with ABB variable frequency;
3. High self-priming ability, no backflow, stable flow;
4. Easy to clean, online cleaning, no need to remove the pipeline;
5. Less wearing parts, only the hose is wearing parts, easy maintenance;
6. Machine structure is compact, suitable for small space work;
7. Spraying uniform and continuous.
■Product Details
ABB Variable Frequency

ABB variable frequency for mortar spray machine

Special spraying gun of mortar spraying machine

Special spraying gun of mortar spraying machine

Mortar spraying machine application

Mortar spraying machine application

■Technical Parameters
LH32H Mortar Spraying Machine
Output 5-20L/min
Working Pressure 1.5Mpa
Squeeze pump Model LH32-330
Rotor Speed 32r/min
Gearbox KF57
Electric Motor Power 2.2KW 380V 50HZ 3phase
Squeeze Hose ID 32mm
Hopper Capacity 56L
Conveying Horizontal Distance 30m
Air Consumption 250L/min
Material Charging Height 1000mm
Overall Dimension 1200×940×1000mm
Net weight 240kg
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