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LMP70/30 Double piston mortar pump

  • Max. aggregate size: 5mm
  • Max. working pressure: 30bar
  • Electric motor: 4kw
  • Theorical output: 70L/min
  • Compressor: 200L/min
  • Hopper capacity: 0.28m3

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  • mortar pump
  • piston pump
  • piston pump machine
  • mortar pump machine
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LMP70/30 double piston mortar pump can handle aggregates with a particle size up to a maximum of
5mm, ensuring high efficiency, low maintenance costs and low energy consumption. Thanks to the
double piston plaster pump unique design inspiration is equipped with 2 pistons. LMP70/30 double
piston plaster machine guarantees uniform and continuous spray pattern. It can spray more than
1500m2 per day with an average thickness of 2cm with double piston.


LMP70/30 double piston mortar pump with big volume is ideal for pumping, conveying, injecting and
spraying common, premixed and special mortars. LMP70/30 double piston mortar pump can be
applied to wall and ceiling painting work, road painting, highways and railways painting, tunnels
painting, etc.

And materials of LMP70/30 like putty powder, paint, latex paint, dry mortar, cement mortar, insulation
mortar, waterproof and fireproof materials, real stone paint, sound-absorbing materials, and others
which are water-soluble materials are suitable materials for a mortar spray machine.Therefore, buying
a set of LMP70/30 double piston mortar pump can bring you a lot of convenience.


1. Double cylinder & double-acting, ball valve, quick clamp connection, operation and cleaning
conveniently. Paddles in hopper with Reciprocating movement, prevent hopper materials deposition;

2. The screen of our piston mortar pump adopts rubber spring with cone bolt installation, convenient

3. Double piston mortar pump is equipped with double special mortar nozzles, making spraying
operation more smoothly,
 continuously and reducing the rebound effectively;

4. This mortar pump machine is light, 1-2 person can easily move the machine;

5. Independent electric control box and remote control system, piston pump operation is safer;
Double piston plaster pump is equipped with waterproof vibrator;

7. Quick installation and rubber piston long work life and low maintenance cost.

■Product Details
Double piston mortar pump

Safe & independent control system

mortar pump

Double Pistons

piston pump

Waterproof Vibrator

Double piston mortar pump machine

Double Piston Outlet

mortar pump machine

Long & Short Nozzle

Double piston mortar machine

Air Compressor Outlet

■Technical Parameters

Technical Data:

LMP70/30 Double piston mortar pump technical parameters:

Model LMP70/30
Electric motor 4kw
Theorical output 70L/min
Max. aggregate size 5mm
Max. working pressure 30bar
Compressor 200L/min
Hopper capacity 0.28m3
Delivery distance 90m
Delivery height 28m
Dimension 200x86x88cm
Weight 360kgs


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