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Refractory Gunite/Mixer

  • LZ-6DR/RD Refractory gunning machine for sale is driven by an 8.2KW diesel engine, it has a compact structure is easy to move, and can achieve continuous feeding.

  • LZ-9ER Electric motor castable refractory gunning machine can be used for spraying refractory material, mortar, coating etc. material.

  • LZ-6AR/RD Air motor refractory gunning machine is suitable for spraying refractory concrete mixture on the inner lining of metallurgy, glass factory kilns, thermal power plant boilers, coke oven battery packs, etc.

  • LZ-1.5ER Refractory dry gunning machine for refractory installation is widely used for lining kilns, boilers, furnaces and concrete building repair.

  • LZ-3ER/S steel plant castable gunning machine can be used for maintenance and repair of refractory furnace lining, refractory installation in follow application field: Steel and iron industries, Iron making industry, Power generation industry, Ceramics i

  • Refractory gunning machine for cement industry is specifically designed for refractory spraying and shotcrete castable refractories applications, as well as for concrete shotcrete application. It is widely used for repairing of electric arc furnace in hot

  • Refractory gunning machine can be used for refractory spraying and shotcrete castable refractories applications, such as repairing a blast furnace. Refractory Gunite Machine is as well as used for concrete shotcrete application.

  • Refractory Castable Pan Mixer is specially designed for mixing refractory, castables materials etc. Which is available in a stationary or practical mobile design, is characterized by top performances.

  • LRM High quality pan mixer for refractory and refractory pan mixer is used to mix raw materials. Get material in a pan, blenasonable, beautiful appearance, simple operation and fully mixed, thus improve mixing.

  • LZ-5ER refractory shotcrete machine is a big size and specifically designed for Refractory Dry-mix shotcrete applications, as well as for concrete shotcrete application.

  • LRM800 Refractory Pan Mixer is the most efficient and productive mixer for refractory castables. It is reinforced with bolt in high wear resistance steel drum liners, making the refractory pan mixer the most durable refractory mixers on the market. The un

  • LZ-3AR is specifically designed for refractory dry-mix shotcrete gunning applications with air motor drive.

  • LCG-40 coke oven repair wet shotcrete machine is specifically designed for coke oven guniting applications.

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