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LH15-200 Metering Hose Pump

  • Dosing Pump: LH15-200B
  • Speed: 60rpm
  • Output: 0.3m3/h
  • Pressure: 1.5Mpa
  • Squeeze Hose ID: 15mm
  • Power: 0.75Kw

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LH15-200 metering hose pump is mainly consists of pump body, squeeze slide, drive plate, motor, stepless speed reducer, reinforced hose, etc. The reinforced hose is U-shaped in the pump body. The pressure slider squeezes the hose to realize the pressure delivery of the slurry; the pump has a simple structure, convenient maintenance, dry rotation, low rotation speed and no noise. The flow rate is steplessly adjusted in the range of 0-100%, and the flow stability accuracy is ±1%. LH25 dosing pump unit is a kind of peristaltic hose pump, which is used for dosing liquid additive for concrete shotcrete or refractory shotcrete applications.


LH15-200 metering hose pump is mainly used for long-distance transportation of viscous slurry in construction, mining, food, paper, ceramics, etc., metering energy delivery, pressure grouting, spraying, etc. Our dosing hose pump is with 1% repeat precision and 5 meter suck lift 2 meter.

LH15-200 metering hose pump application: 

1. Metering hose pump is used for construction industry: cement mortar conveying. 
2. Chemical industry: acid, alkali, phosphate slurry and inorganic materials such as titanium dioxide. 
3. Metering hose pump is used for mining, metallurgical industry: gold mining, gold smelting of filling materials in the pulp in the process of the transportation. 
4. Ceramic industry: ceramic glaze slurry etc.
5. Water treatment: silt mud, lime etc. 

6. Paper industry: pulp, sulphur pulp conveying. 
7. Petrochemical: drilling mud and previous delivery. 
8. Food industry: oil material and beverage conveying. 
9. Pharmaceutical industry: all kinds of material liquid drug delivery. 
10. Waste, electrolytic slag, slag metal liquid, paint, coatings, adhesives, glue, rubber latex, refractory fiber pulp and all other tightly seal requirements, more liquid viscosity, particle content delivery.

 Features metering hose pump:

★ Hose leak detection, quickly detect hose failure.
★ Speed control handle, adjusted stepless.
★ Pressure shoe structure, like Bredel hose pump.
★ Explosion proof motor and electric control box for option.
★ Electric contact pressure gauge, ensure that hose pump could stop working automatically once the pressure is too high.

■Product Details
Pressure shoe structure

Pressure shoe structure

Hose leak detection device

Hose leak detection device

Electric contact pressure gauge

Electric contact pressure gauge

Explosion proof motor for option

Explosion proof motor for option

Explosion proof electric control box for option

Explosion proof electric control box for option

Speed control handle

Speed control handle

■Technical Parameters
Description Item
Dosing Pump LH15-200B Metering Hose Pump LH15-200B (EX) Metering Dosing Pump
Speed 60rpm 60rpm
Output 0.3m3/h 300L/h
Pressure 1.5Mpa 15bar
Squeeze Hose ID 15mm 15mm
Power 0.75Kw 0.75Kw (explosion proof motor)
Overall Dimension 800×750×800mm 800×750×800mm
Weight 101kg 162kg
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