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LRM1000 Refractory Castable Pan Mixer

  • Item: LRM1000
  • Mixing Capacity: 1000kg
  • Rotating Speed: 39rpm
  • Motor Power: 37Kw
  • Feeding Height: 2100mm
  • Dimension: 1600x1500x2140mm

  • castable mixer for refractory
  • Refractory Castable Pan Mixer
  • refractory pan mixer for refractory
  • Refractory Pan Mixer
  • castable pan mixer
  • castable refractory pan mixer
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LRM1000 refractory castable pan mixer is specially designed for mixing refractory, castables refractory materials etc. 1000kg refractory pan mixer consists of feeding mechanism, unloading mechanism, electric control system, stirring mechanism, water supply system and so on. Mixing capacity of this pan mixer is 1000kg. Castable refractory pan mixer is available in a stationary or practical mobile design, and characterized by top performances. There is high wear-resistant steel liner in the mixer bottom and inner wall, five pieces different purpose mixing arm could make refractory materials mix evenly and void sticking. 

castable pan mixers we offer are manufactured by skilled professionals using the best grades of basic materials and the latest technology. The pan mixers are available in different sizes to meet specific customer requirements. Our refractory castable pan mixer is known for their unbeatable quality and long life and can be purchased at a price. The sturdy design and long service life are some of the distinctive features of our pan mixer machine range.

refractory pan mixer is specifically designed to easily mix castable concrete, mortar, refractory and other materials under rough field conditions as needed. Whether you need a mixer from 100kg to 1000kg or depending on your site requirements, we can provide the right machine for your requirements, because we control all aspects of production and support by standing behind each machine.

LRM1000 refractory castable pan mixer is specially designed to be used for mixing castable, concrete, mortar, refractory and other material easily in rough site condition based on the requirement. 



1. Designed for on-site operation.
2. Strong structure.
3. Excellent performance.
4. Comfortable feeding height.
5. With a broken bag.
6. Low maintenance costs.
7. MTD series heavy duty gearbox.
8. The pump automatically supplies water.
9. Durable design for trouble-free operation.
10. The mixing speed is fast and uniform.
11. Compact structure and height adjustable.
12. Feed from the top funnel and drain the door from the bottom.
13. LRM1000 refractory castable pan mixer is used to mix castable cement, chemicals, plastic pellets, and cattle feed.
14. The overhead drive with motor and gearbox ensures easy access to the crown and bevel gears, away from the mix, ensuring long life and reliability.

■Product Details
1000kg Refractory Castable Pan Mixer

1000kg Refractory Castable Pan Mixer

Electric motor castable pan mixer

Electric motor castable pan mixer

Soft start device, protect electric motor

Soft start device, protect electric motor

castable refractory pan mixer for sale

Castable refractory pan mixer for sale

Five pieces different mixing arms

Five pieces different mixing arms

Mixing arms

Mixing arms

■Technical Parameters
Model LRM1000
Mixing capacity 1000kg
Rotating speed 39rpm
Motor Power 37Kw
Feeding Height 2100mm
Dimensions 1600x1500x2140mm
Weight 1680Kg
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