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LCP8/80-30D concrete pump with diesel engine

  • Rated Output:3-8m3/h (LS)
  • Pump work pressure:80Bar
  • Acceptable Max. Aggregate Size:20mm
  • Cylinder diameter:Ø100mm
  • Cylinder Stroke:550mm
  • Pump Valve:S Valve

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LCP8/80-30D concrete pump with diesel engine is a multi-purpose heavy-duty Swing-Valve concrete pump with air cooling diesel engine, hopper mixer, hopper vibrator, automatic lubrication and LS variable output. Diesel engine concrete pump With concrete convey, Swing valve and hopper mixer are respectively driven by three hydraulic pump, among them, the concrete convey hydraulic pump is LS piston high pressure pump.  

Concrete pump with diesel motor application:
1. Masonry block filling;
2. Concrete wall grouting;
3. Refractory castable&shotcrete;
4. Concrete shotcrete;
5. Tunneling construction; 
6. Concrete wall construction;
7. Mining support (sprayed concrete walls and ceilings);
8. Excavation-protection;
9. Concrete sidewalk;
10. Swimming pool (sprayed concrete shells); 

concrete pump for sale

concrete pump with diesel engine

diesel concrete pump for sale

Diesel concrete pump machine application

diesel concrete pump price

diesel engine concrete pump

1. Mixer in receiving hopper; 
2. Diesel motor concrete pump with variable output(LS);
3. Diesel concrete pump with vibrator in hopper;
4. Concrete pump diesel engine with automatic lubrication;

■Product Details
Automatic lubricating oil

Automatic lubricating oil

3-cylinder air cooling diesel engine (Deutz Tech.)

3-cylinder air cooling diesel engine (Deutz Tech.)

Mixer in receiving hopper

Mixer in receiving hopper

Three hydraulic pumps respectively for concrete convey

Three hydraulic pumps respectively for concrete convey

Variable output(LS)

Variable output(LS)

Specially design spraying nozzle

Specially design spraying nozzle

■Technical Parameters
Rated Output  3-8m3 /h (LS)
Pump Work Pressure 80Bar
Acceptable Max. Aggregate Size


Cylinder Diameter


Cylinder Stroke 550mm
Pump Valve S Valve
Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance 200m
Max. Vertical Conveying Distance 100m
Concrete Slump 7-15cm
Conveying Pipe Inner Diameter 100/80/50mm
Diesel 30kw@1800rpm 3-cylinder, air cooling
Dimension(L×W×H) 3000*1600*1900mm
Weight 1650kg
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