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Foam concrete shortens construction period

2019-10-22 18:13:18

Foam concrete machine is used to make foam concrete, the construction of foam concrete is convenient and efficient, which can greatly shorten the construction period. This is mainly reflected in three aspects: Compared with conventional roadbed soil filling, foam concrete construction preparation period is short. For example, conventional roadbed filling often requires a large number of construction access roads, while foam concrete filling construction is realized by pipeline pumping, which can be repaired or less. Repair the construction road.

Foam concrete shortens construction period

The construction of foam concrete manufacturers can be carried out continuously every day without the need of intermittent roadbed filling due to rolling problems; the foam foundation concrete foundation method saves the construction time of composite foundation pile foundation. As far as general engineering projects are concerned, composite foundations are qualified from construction to testing. Due to age problems, it usually takes 3 to 5 months to complete.

Foamed concrete can be filled vertically, saving land or avoiding demolition. Conventional composite foundation engineering methods are mostly concealed projects, and construction quality is difficult to ensure. The foam concrete method is a non-concealed project, the construction quality is easy to control and the reliability is high.

foam concrete construction period

The control of post-construction settlement of foam concrete is more advantageous than the conventional method. Especially when replacing the filling below the original ground, the base stress can be significantly reduced and the post-construction settlement can be effectively controlled. Due to the use of pipeline pumping and pouring, the construction work surface is small, which can avoid the demolition of high-voltage lines and communication lines in some areas.

Foamed concrete has the characteristics of light weight, density and strength adjustability, erectability, good workability, etc.: To reduce the load or earth pressure, it can be used for: New road abutment back road foundation replacement, which can effectively solve the soft foundation section pre-fill The problem of post-construction settlement caused by insufficient pressure is replaced by the back road base of the old road reconstruction. It can completely solve the problem of bridgehead jumping caused by post-construction settlement at one time.

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