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LPD100H Portable DTH drilling machine

  • Model: LPD100H DTH drilling machine
  • Hole Depth: 30m
  • Hole Diameter: 80~120mm
  • Rotate Speed: 90~120rpm
  • Feed Force: 12KN
  • Air Pressure: 0.5~0.7Mpa

  • portable drilling machine
  • lightweight DTH drilling machine
  • DTH drilling machine
  • Hydraulic Drive DTH Drilling Machine
  • DTH drilling machine
  • Diesel Drive Hydraulic station
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LPD100H Portable DTH drilling machine is hydraulic technology, reasonable configuration, low price and low fuel consumption, it is an ideal DTH drilling rig for all handy drilling work.

DTH drilling rig

LPD100H Portable blast holes drilling machine
 can be used with down-the-hole hammer and drill hammer as well as for core drilling. Designed for easy mounting on any type of scaffolding and suitable for wall work. Very light and handy. 


DTH drilling machine for sale

LPD100H hydraulic drive super portable, super lightweight hydraulic drive DTH drilling machine:

Portable Hydraulic Drive DTH Drilling Machine


The portable DTH drilling rig has good detachability and is suitable for the original landform operation. Hydraulic portable chain feed drilling machine is widely used for the micropiles, nailing, blast holes, core drilling, exploratory drilling, diamond drilling projects.

portable borehole drilling rig application


1. High efficiency, good performance
2. Adapt to any geological feature 
3. Stable and reliable operation

 Construction and dimensions:

portable DTH drilling machine dimensions

 Diesel Drive Hydraulic station:

All hydraulic pumping station is driven by diesel engine. Hydraulic power station is equipped with cooling system, filtration system, pressure regulating system, pressure and temperature indication and valve control.The power part is separated from the operation part. Just move the console with the drilling rig separately to realize multi-point operation, with low labor intensity and long service life. The hydraulic station is compact, easy to operate and does not take up space.  

Diesel Hydraulic DTH Drilling Machine

■Product Details
diesel drive DTH drilling machine

Diesel drive DTH drilling machine

DTH Rock Drilling Rig Machine

DTH Rock Drilling Rig Machine

DTH Rock Drilling Rig Machine

DTH Rock Drilling Rig Machine

Hydraulic power unit

Hydraulic power unit

Diesel Hydraulic station

Diesel Hydraulic station

Hydraulic console

Hydraulic console

■Technical Parameters
Model LPD100H portable DTH drilling machine
Hole Diameter 80~120mm
Hole Depth 30m
Feed Force 12KN
Rotate Speed 90~120rpm
Torque 1000NM
Air Pressure 0.5~0.7Mpa
Air consumption 7~8m3/min
Single feeding distance 1m
Drilling Direction Any Angle
Weight 86Kg (Only drill machine)
Dimension 2230x560x415mm


Type BHPP15/55X2-26D hydraulic power unit
Output capacity 2x55L/min
Outlet pressure 15MPa
Diesel power Weichai 2110  26KW
Dimensions 1760X1150X1300mm
Weight 960kg
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