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LGP114/500-120D High pressure jet grout pump for sale

  • Model: LGP114/500-120D
  • Diesel engine type: QSF4.5 Cummins
  • Diesel engine power: 120Kw
  • Diesel engine: 2200r/min
  • Main pump type:GP380/55
  • Main pump form of action:Reciprocating single acting plunger type

  • jet grout pump
  • high pressure jet grout pump for sale
  • high pressure grout pump
  • high pressure jet grout pump
  • jet grout pump for sale
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LGP114/500-120D High pressure jet grout pump is a horizontal three-cylinder single-acting reciprocating pump, which is designed and manufactured by our company with reference to the advanced structure of foreign plunger pumps. LGP114/500-120D High pressure jet grout pump can be placed in a 20ft for easy transportation. It has the characteristics of reasonable parameters, advanced technology, reliable quality, excellent performance and beautiful appearance.

jet cement injection grouting pump

high pressure injection grouting pump

Diesel jet grouting pump

LGP114/500-120D High pressure jet grout pump is composed of five parts: power(120Kw diesel engine), clutch, gear-box(Eaton FAST), universal joint coupling, and high-pressure pump. The gearbox has four gears and can be gotten at four speeds as demanded.  

foundation anti-seepage curtain cement jet grout pump

portable container type grouting pump

LGP114/500-120D High pressure jet grout pump that provides high-pressure power for grouting of weak foundations such as jet grouting, reinforcement of new buildings, highways, high-speed rail and subways. It can also be used for uneven settlement treatment of old buildings, deep anti-seepage curtains, soil retaining walls, mine anti-seepage, shaft protection devices, slope anchoring and other aspects of reservoir dams and underground engineering projects.
It is also 
Equipped with some ceiling lamps, for illuminating the different working areas. 

Diesel jet cement grout machine

diesel injection grouting pump

cement injection grouting pump

1. LGP114/500-120D High pressure jet grout pump can be placed directly in the 20ft cabinet.

curtain cement jet grout pump in container

high-pressure reciprocating pump for jet grouting

High-pressure triplex plunger pump for jet-grouting

2. It is easy to operate and maintain.
3. Working medium must be filtered through a 20 mesh or more filter.

triplex plunger grout pump

4. Transmission system (wide speed range, high transmission efficiency).
Implementing 4-speed continuously variable transmission with fast transmission.
Using a retractable universal joint coupling to compensate for various irregularities caused by rotation.
The use of tile transmission extends the service life of the pump power end.
Grouting pressure(up to 500bar) and displacement(up to 114L/min) can be adjusted steplessly.

pressure jet grout pump

5. Plunger
3-cylinder plunger, diameter 55mm, stroke 80mm.
3-cylinder alternating motion ensures the stability of pressure and flow.
Using a special steel quenching treatment.
The pump head is forged from a complete section.

6. Dynamical system: (high factor of safety and efficiency)
120Kw Cummins diesel engine, high efficiency, more suitable for the construction site.
Low voltage operation, safer.

diesel engine grouting pump

7. Diaphragm valve
When the inlet pressure reaches the opening pressure, the diaphragm is sheared and the pressure is released, resulting in high safety.

8. Operating system
Convenience, high degree of automation, simple measurement and operation.
■Product Details
Control cabinet

Control cabinet

diesel engine

Diesel engine

Fuel Tank

Fuel tank

Gear controller

Gear controller

High pressure pump

High pressure pump

Air Inlet

Air inlet

■Technical Parameters
1. Plunger: 3-cylinder alternating motion ensures stability of pressure and flow 
2. Transmission system: 4-speed continuously variable transmission, wide speed range, high transmission efficiency.
3. Operating system: convenience, high degree of automation, simple measurement and operation.
4. Dynamical system: diesel engine driven, high efficiency, more suitable for the construction site.
5. LGP114/500-120D High pressure jet grout pump for sale can be placed directly in the 20ft cabinet.
Model LGP114/500-120D High pressure rotary jet grout pump
  Type QSF4.5 Cummins
Diesel engine Power Kw 120
Max. speed r/min 2200
Gear-box Speed 4
Control Level
Type GP380/55
Main pump Form of action Reciprocating single acting plunger type
Number of Plungers Piece 3
Plungers mm Φ55mm-80mm
Output @ pressure L/min@bar 114@500
Inlet Dia. mm 64
Outlet Dia. mm 24
Note: 1. All data are tested by water.
          2. We can customize high pressure jet grout pumps according to your requirements.
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