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LF100 Fully automatically foam concrete mixing station

  • Model: LF100
  • The actual output (m³/h): 70-100
  • Foam capacity(m³/h): 60-70
  • Foam concrete pump capacity(m³/h): 35
  • Voltage: 3 phase, 380V, 50Hz
  • Total motor power(kw): 54

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LF100 Fully automatically foam concrete mixing station comprises essential components such as a screw conveyor, concrete mixer, foam generator, and foam concrete pump. It incorporates an advanced automatic PLC intelligent control system and features a high-definition intelligent touch screen for seamless operation. This cutting-edge equipment enables precise control over the bulk density of the product, automatic weighing of the slurry, and real-time display of instantaneous and cumulative flow. Undoubtedly, it stands as the epitome of automated foam concrete production machinery. Its capabilities make it suitable for a wide range of large-scale projects, including road surface filling and abutment backfilling, ensuring top-notch quality in foam concrete production.

foam concrete mixing station manufacturer

Working principle of f
ully automatically foam concrete mixing station:
1. Cement, sand, etc. raw material mixed in the concrete mixer into slurry.
2. Then slurry and foam are mixed evenly.
3. After natural conservation, foam concrete forms.
4. Next, the foam concrete will be pumped out from pumping system to work site or mold.
5. With the help of foam generator, foam agent can produce foam fully and mechanically. The foams are rich and fine, independent and homogeneous.

Benefits of foam concrete:

1. Lightweight: Dry density 400 kg/m^3 -1600kg/m^3 , 1/8-1/2 as light as common concrete.
2. High Compression Strength: Compression strength is ranging from 0.6 MPa to 25 MPa, 4 times as traditional aerated concrete.

CLC foam concrete

3. Thermal Insulation: Good heat preservation and good thermal insulation.
4. Impermeability: Low water-intake rate and high impermeability.


5. Saving cost: Easy and fast production. No primary energy and reduced transportation costs.

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LF100 Fully automatically foam concrete mixing station is a versatile equipment that can be utilized in various applications, including:

Casting foamed concrete  machine

foam concrete mixing station for backfilling projects

1. External wall thermal insulation
2. Thermal insulation roofing
3. Thermal flooring
4. Filling upstanding beam foundation ditches

casting foam concrete machine

5. Construction of sound insulation and fire protection walls
6. Playground and track construction
7. Filling sound insulation layers and tunnel linings
8. Filling cellars, basements, and arches

foam concrete production line for casting in place

9. Filling sewers and drains
10. Heightening horizontal floors
11. Building water tanks and fuel tanks
12. Filling and mending platforms
13. Creating gardens and rockeries
14. Producing foam concrete blocks
15. Casting foamed concrete precast and hollow wallboards

foam concrete equipment for making precast wall

The LF100 foam concrete machine offers the flexibility to cater to these diverse applications, making it a valuable asset in construction projects that require foam concrete.


1. Beautiful: The shape is made of high-strength precision thickened steel plate, professional cover parts and sheet metal parts are manufactured and produced, and the appearance is beautiful.

2. Convenient: Designed as a complete container, this equipment offers a compact structure that facilitates easy transportation, lifting, and construction.

3. High Efficiency: With an impressive production capacity of 70-100 cubic meters per hour, it ensures efficient and swift foam concrete production.

4. Cost-Effective: By employing the advanced hose pumping system, this machine guarantees simple operation, low failure rates, convenient maintenance, and cost-effective performance.

5. Stability: The LF100 Fully automatically foam concrete mixing station ensures a consistent and stable output of slurry, resulting in uniform density and reliable quality of the finished foam concrete.

6. Intelligent: Featuring an automatic PLC intelligent control system and a high-definition intelligent touch screen interface, this machine enables precise control over the water-cement ratio, ensuring accurate weighing of cement and water and allowing for control of the bulk density of the foam concrete.

7. Service: Backed by a professional technical team and a comprehensive after-sales service system, the LF100 provides round-the-clock professional technical guidance and support, ensuring a worry-free purchasing experience for customers.

■Product Details


Control panel

Control panel

Cement feeding and fly ash feeding

Cement feeding and fly ash feeding



screw conveyor

screw conveyor

Piston pump inside

Piston pump inside

■Technical Parameters
Model LF100 Foam concrete mixing station
The actual output (m³/h) 70-100
Foam capacity(m³/h) 60-70
Foam concrete pump capacity(m³/h) 35
Max. pumping distance(m) Horizontal 1000
Vertical 110
Voltage 3 phase, 380V, 50Hz              
Total motor power(kw) 54
Total weight (kg) 6000
Over dimension(mm) 4000×1810×2450

Shipping List:
No. Name Spec. Unit Qty. Remarks
1 Foam concrete machine  GF100 set 1  
2 Conveyor Φ273×6000 set 1  
3 Delivery hoses Φ76 pc 5 20m/pc
4 Water tank with holder   set 1  
5 Steel tube Φ76 pc 1 6m
6 Steel tube Φ25 pc 2 6m
7 Suction tube   pc 1  
8 Water pump 380V-5.5Kw set 1  
9 Waterproof poncho   pc 1  
10 Work clothes   set 2  
11 Dust bag   pc 2 (Φ280×500)(Φ400×500)
12 Tool box 1 set
13 Documents  Manual, packing list and warranty card. 
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