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Double piston mortar plastering pump

  • Model: SUB 8.0
  • Output: 8m3/h
  • Pumping Pressure: 8Mpa
  • Main motor : 11kw
  • Vibrator : 0.75kw
  • Max. Aggregate Size: 5mm

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Double piston wall plastering machine is highly in demands for its market leading prices and timely delivery attribute. Machine can provide up to 240 square meters per hour quality plastered surface per day. It is designed to use the traditional mortar materials. Double piston mortar plastering machine can plaster interior, exterior, on the walls, on the ceiling, in narrow corridors and rooms. Double piston pump requires minimum maintenance compare to screw pumps. With SUB8.0 double piston spraying pump is the time to reduce remarkably the costs, to finish extremely fast and to provide premium quality of the plastered surfaces.


1. Wet spraying of lime and cement mortars with any kind of sand such as crushed rock sand, quarry sand, desert sand, washed river or sea sand, dune sand etc., almost all type of plaster and ready mixed plasters in sacks for interiors and exteriors.

2. Conveying floor screed.

3. Conveying lightweight concrete, insulation materials and self-leveling floor screed.

4. Spraying cement mixers and mortar to coat cracks and refurbish old buildings, bridges, tunnels etc.

5. Spraying cement mixers on mesh panels.

6. Conveying cement mixers, slurries and mortar for flooring beds.

7. Conveying masonry mortar for building walls. Injection of cement grout.

8. SUB 8.0 double piston mortar plastering pump can be used under silos.


1. It is powerful.

2. It can be used in a broad range of applications.

3. SUB 8.0 double piston spraying pump is equipped with advanced pump which provides smooth pumping without interruptions.

4. SUB 8.0 double piston mortar plastering machine is ideal for the most difficult materials in the most difficult conditions.

5. SUB 8.0 double piston mortar plastering pump is a complete and compact working station for restoring, pumping and spraying.

6. SUB 8.0 provides high performances.

7. Large output.

8. Long convey distance and big delivery height.

9. SUB 8.0 double piston wall plastering machine is reliable.

10. It requires minimum maintenance.

11. SUB 8.0 double piston mortar plastering machine has many features.

■Product Details
double piston mortar plastering pump for sale

Double piston mortar plastering pump for sale

double piston wall plastering machine for sale

Double piston wall plastering machine for sale

double piston spraying pump for sale

Double piston spraying pump for sale

■Technical Parameters
Name Double piston mortar plastering pump
Model SUB 8.0
Output 8m3/h
Pumping Pressure 8Mpa
Main motor  11kw
Vibrator  0.75kw
Max. Aggregate Size 5mm
Max. Vertical Conveying Distance 30-45m
Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance 100-150m
Weight  700kg
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