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Mortar pump equipment for sale

2018-09-13 13:43:27

The mortar concrete pump product is a mortar conveying equipment specially developed for the characteristics of floor heating. It is suitable for large-area and high-efficiency construction of fine stone concrete filling layer or mortar filling layer in floor heating engineering.

cement mortar pump

Mortar Pump Equipment Performance Feature
1. Using advanced smooth s pipe valve reversing: can meet the transportation of fine stone concrete or commercial fine stone concrete, it is not suitable to block the pipe.

2. Spectacle plate and cutting ring: high hardness and wear-resistant alloy material, longer life.

3. High export pressure: it can meet the transportation requirements of high-rise buildings and long-distance construction.

4. The hydraulic oil cooling adopts air cooling system: the cooling effect is good, the use is simple, and it is not easy to pollute the oil.

5. Adopting steeples manual variable displacement: it can meet the different requirements of many users for the discharge speed.

6. Advanced wireless remote control function: Improve remote control distance, facilitate remote control operation, and make products more humanized.

7. Highly wear-resistant concrete cylinder: guarantees and increases the service life of the concrete pump and reduces the maintenance cost of the user.

8. The new process chrome-plated main cylinder: to avoid the problem of damage to the main cylinder due to dirty oil.

9. Highly wear-resistant glasses plate and cutting ring: the use of large-area carbide inserts is the latest technology to improve the use of glasses.

mortar concrete pump

The hydraulic system separates the oil for the two circuits, and the main oil pump uses a variable displacement piston pump to ensure stable and reliable system operation. Automatic and manual adjustment of displacement with pressure cut-off and overpressure relief for effective protection of the main pump and prime mover.

Suction (back) Oil Filtration
The suction (return) filter is used to reliably filter the hydraulic oil, keep it clean, ensure the normal operation of the system, and prolong the service life of the hydraulic system components.

Forced Air Cooling System
The agitating oil circuit system adopts forced air cooling and large radiator device, which can better adapt to the site environment and ensure that the hydraulic system oil temperature is in the normal working range, thus ensuring that the host hydraulic system is in a normal working state.
The hydraulic system is a pump double-circuit open system. The main oil pump adopts a constant power variable displacement piston pump to ensure stable and reliable system operation, and can manually adjust the displacement. It has pressure cut-off and overpressure overflow characteristics, so that the main pump and prime mover get effective protection;

The Mortar Concrete Pump Characteristics
The fine stone concrete mortar pump is automatic equipment for conveying cement fine stone mortar and cement concrete. The first generation cement mortar pump is powered by mechanical force, and the conveying height is limited. Only cement mortar can be transported, and cement concrete with stone material cannot be transported. The second-generation cement mortar pump was changed to oil pressure for power, and the conveying height was greatly increased.

mortar mixer and pump

First, the oil pressure is the power, the height can reach 100-120 meters, and the horizontal conveyance is about 300-600.
Second, mortar mix pump can transport cement mortar and cement concrete with stone. The machine integrates feeding, batching, adding water, quantitative mixing, stirring and high-pressure conveying. The slurry is uniform and the stability is good. The ratio of mortar, stone and cement can be adjusted freely.
Main features of fine stone concrete mortar pump: S-tube valve reversing, good sealing and long service life; S-tube valve with floating wear-resistant ring, automatic compensation for wear; high outlet pressure; pumping fine stone concrete; hydraulic system adopting Air-cooled heat dissipation, easy to use, no need to connect water source; anti-pump function to minimize pipe blockage; equipped with automatic lubrication system to effectively extend the service life of rotating parts; electrical part adopts PLC control, with best control characteristics.
Wired remote control handle for easy operation; low feeding height, easy to be equipped as a combined unit; equipped with guide wheels, flexible and convenient to move and position; overall removable screen, easy to replace. 

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