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Hydroseeding machine has drought resistance and solid seedling protection effect

2019-02-01 10:48:49

After continuous reform, innovation and experiment, the hydraulic spraying machine has reformed the structure and main components of the hydraulic hydroseeder machine, and reformed the hydraulic spray planting grass machine that can spray the mud, and successfully tested it on the slopes in various places. The construction machine cost is greatly reduced.

Hydroseeding machine

The hydraulic hydroseeder machine refers to the use of the liquid principle to mix the germinated seeds into a container containing a certain proportion of water, fiber covering, binder and fertilizer, and use the centrifugal pump to transport the mixture through the hydraulic spray planting machine. A uniform coating is formed on the soil to be planted.
Excess moisture in the cover layer penetrates into the soil surface, and the fibers are bonded by the binder to form physical strength. The water retaining agent forms a semi-permeable moisturizing surface layer, which greatly reduces the evaporation of water and provides moisture, nutrient and shading conditions for seed germination.

solid seedling protection

Since the formed fiber covering layer has the functions of physical strength, water absorption and moisturizing, and providing oxygen, it can be blown away by the wind, not affected by rainfall or watering, and has the effects of drought resistance and solid seedling protection. Thereby achieving the purpose of restoring vegetation, improving the landscape and protecting the environment.

The centrifugal pump of the hydroseeding machine has a power injection from 20m to 60m. In addition, it can connect tens of meters of the delivery pipe according to the need. The emptying time is 5-18min. The volume of the extra-large machine is 6000L. One can of material can be sprayed and planted. 3000 m2. 

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