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Manual grouting machine supplier Philippines

2021-08-19 18:15:33

Manual grouting machine supplier Philippines 
Grout pump can be manually?
Grouting equipment as a machine can be manually operated? Many people who do not know manual grouting machines will probably suffer the above two problems.
Also we have many type grout machine for you choose, as follow:

grouting machine supplier Philippines

This article is to take you into the manual grouting machine and into the world of manual grouting machine.
Manual Grouting Machine Supplier Philippines, referred to as hand operated grouting machine, is an essential tool for chemical grouting waterproof plugging. The new grouting machine has the characteristics of small size, light weight, no electricity, simple structure, flexible operation, reliable performance and convenient cleaning. It can be widely used in one-component chemical grouting project and can rapidly block various buildings in tens of minutes Leakage of water works, the operator will use it at a glance.

manual cement grout pump

1. Manual Grouting Machine Rated Output (0-10L/min)

The calculated discharge of an ideal nozzle with a cross-sectional area equals to that of the relief valve.

Calculation of theoretical displacement, assuming no resistance nozzle, the media for isentropic flow, nozzle pressure are before the rated displacement.

2. Rated Working Pressure (10 bar)

Rated pressure is the maximum pressure to meet the normal work requirements of equipment. General actual working pressure is less than or equal to the rated pressure. Once the actual working pressure of the device is greater than the rated pressure of the device, the service life of the device will be shortened, and serious accidents may occur.

3. Cylinder Diameter (110mm)

In the engine, the piston in the cylinder reciprocating linear motion, in which the cylinder diameter referred to as bore.
4. Piston Stroke (40mm)

Engine piston from one extreme position to another extreme position of the distance is called a stroke, also called itinerary. The length of the stroke has a direct relationship with the piston speed of the engine. As the stroke becomes larger, the piston speed also increases and the mechanical loss increases. This directly limits the maximum speed of the engine. Piston motion average formula: stroke * 2 * speed. The average engine piston speed will not exceed 20m / s, regardless of the size of the engine displacement or operating speed range. The faster the piston, the less effective the engine is.

5. Philippines Manual Grouting Machine Inlet Dia. (32mm)

6. Outlet Dia. (19mm)

7. Dimension (980*290*590mm)

8. Hand Operated Grout Machine Weight (40kg)

9. Manual Grouting Pump Chassis  (Skid)

manual grouting machine

Scope of Grout Machine Application:

For a small amount of grouting, working space is narrow and there is no power source condition. Grouting machine supplier Philippines is mainly applied to repair plugging underground projects, such as: expansion joints, deformation joints, construction joints, leakage points, such as chemical grouting pit elevator waterproof plugging purposes.

LHG-10 manual injection pump is a hand-cranked small piston injection pump.

Features of manual grouting machine:

1. Simple structure;

2. Easy to operate and maintain;

3. Single cylinder, ball valve direct commutation, easy to repair;

4. Small size, light weight, easy to move;

5. Manual grouting, flow control.

hand operated grout machine

Precautions of manual grouting machine:

1. Take care to protect the equipment;

2. Please use with caution;

3. After each use, the inside of the manual grouting machine should be cleaned immediately.

Other hot sale grout pump from our factory:

grouting machine supplier

LGH95/165PL-E high pressure horizontal hydraulic grouting pump:
Adjustable flow rate: 0-95L/min, adjustable pressure: 0-16.5Mpa, it is mainly used for pumping fluid mixtures, such as cement slurry or bentonite slurry, ect. 


grouting machine supplier


There are two grades pressure for the cement grout pump, for high pressure: the pressure is 0-100 bar, the output is 0-45L/min; For low pressure: the pressure is 0-50Bar, the output is 0-75L/min. The cement grouting pump were widely used for dam foundations, tunnels building, mining grouting, foundation stabilization, soil compact grouting etc.

grouting machine Philippines

LGM80/50PLD-E hydraulic vertical double-plungers cement grouting pump:
The output is 0-80L/min, pressure is 0-50Bar, pressure and flow both could be adjusted step-less. The cement grouting pump were widely used for dam grouting, tunnel grouting etc.

grouting machine factory

LGH100/100PI-E hydraulic horizontal double-pistons cement grouting pump:
The output is 0-100L/min, pressure is 0-100bar, pressure and flow both could be adjusted step-less. The cement grouting pump were widely used for dam grouting, tunnel grouting, road grouting etc.

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Before we send quotation, please let me know the following question:
1. What's pressure and flow of the pump you need?
2. What is the water cement ratio, any sand in?
3. About the power: electric (voltage and frequency) or diesel which one do you need?

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