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Injection grout pump supplier in South Africa

2023-06-15 19:33:28

Leadcrete is one leading injection grout pump supplier in South Africa. On July 21, we deliver a set of injection grout pump to South Africa. Injection grouting pump is products sell like hot cakes in Singapore and the model we export to Singapore from 2012 until now. Our customer told me that the performance is very good. Grout pump is designed according to the customer's requirements. This injection grout pump is in the foundation treatment projects.

Leadcrete injection grout pump with factory price for sale. Leadcrete has following types injection grout pump more popular for your option:

Newly developed high pressure diesel triplex jet grouting pump in 20ft container in 2023:

diesel jet grouting pump


high pressure grouting pump


high pressure jet grouting pump


jet grouting pump in 20ft container


triplex jet grouting pump

triplex plunger jet grouting pump

1. LDH70&LDH90 hydraulic grouting pump for sale in South Africa

LDH90 hydraulic high pressure grouting pump: pressure 100Bar, flow90L/min;

LDH70 hydraulic high pressure grouting pump: pressure 100Bar, flow 70L/min;

hydraulic high pressure grouting pump

2. LDH75/100 vertical grouting pump for sale to South Africa

Pressure and flow could be adjusted step-less; Max pressure 100Bar, max. flow 75L/min.

vertical grouting pump supplier in South Africa

3. South Africa small LGP10/40 hydraulic grout pump for sale

Max advantage, light weight only 200kg, easy to move, compact size, suitable for narrow working space;

Pressure 0-40 Bar, flow 0-10L/min, pressure and flow could be adjusted step-less.

South Africa hydraulic grout pump

The suitable type and the best price of injection grout pump will be offered according to demands. Please open email box, and send to for suitable type and factory price about injection grout pump in South Africa. 

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