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LDH75/100 High Pressure Vertical Grouting Pump

  • Piston diameter:100mm
  • Piston stroke:150mm
  • Adjustable pressure ( low pressure):0-50Bar/725psi
  • Adjustable flow rate( low pressure):0-75L/min
  • Adjustable pressure ( high pressure):0-100Bar1450psi
  • Adjustable pressure ( high pressure):0-40L/min

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The LDH 75/100 high pressure vertical grouting pump is designed and made for permeation grouting, compaction grouting, backfilling grouting, curtain grouting, high pressure split grouting etc, grouting methods.


Ø  Civil Engineering - dam foundations, tunnels, mining, soil nails, tiebacks, earth anchors, cable and rock bolts

Ø  Structural – building and bridge restoration, foundation stabilization, foundation raising, soil compaction grouting; soil & rock grouting

Ø  Construction - pavement under sealing, slab jacking and slab raising

Ø  Marine - underwater foundations, piers, breakers, shoreline foundations

Ø  Mining - tunnel lining, contact grouting, shaft waterproofing

Ø  Utilities - encasements, waterproofing, slope line grouting

 Ø  Geotechnical - deep well casing, monitor wells, well sealing and abandonment


1.   Compact structure, light weight,  easy operate, low maintenance cost;

2.   With digital display counter: it can display at any time, and can accumulate work times;

3.   Flow and pressure can be adjusted step-less;

4.   Equipped with emergency unloading valve: in case of an emergency, it can be load-off instantly;

5.   In low pressure, it will be flow-converging of  two pumps; In high pressure, there is only one pump work. Low pressure and large flow, high pressure and low output;

6.   With full-hydraulic shaft device, stable and reliable operation;

7.   Cooling type: water-cooling and air cooling; Suitable for hot and cold areas.

■Product Details
■Technical Parameters

Technical Data:

Item LDH75/100 PI-E grout pump
Piston diameter 100mm
Piston stroke 150mm
Adjustable pressure ( low pressure) 0-50Bar/725psi
Adjustable flow rate( low pressure) 0-75L/min
Adjustable pressure ( high pressure) 0-100Bar1450psi
Adjustable pressure ( high pressure) 0-40L/min
Discharge pipe size: M27x2
Inlet pipe size: G2’’
Power Unit 7.5kW
Chassis Skid
Weight 390Kg
Overall Dimension 1040x550x1650mm

Note: Chassis: Skid or Tyre

We also could according to your demands to customize

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