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What are the operating procedures for shotcrete machines

2017-07-21 14:53:20

What are the operating procedures for shotcrete machines? Lead Equipment for your details under the wall shotcrete machine operating procedures. Hope to help everyone on the operation of shotcrete machine.

Practice of shotcrete machine:

1. Shotcrete machine before starting, first press the hand pump several times to the transmission parts of the oil.

2. Turn on the power, the first start the main motor, check the direction of rotation of the rubber spiral is consistent, if not consistent, that is, to swap the power phase (each time you re-connect the power to be checked).

3. Connected to the delivery hose and nozzle, to the hopper to join the water 5L, start the motor will be out of water to wet hopper, pump and delivery hose, the water will be pumped after most of the stop.

4. To the hopper to add putty or paint to boot spray (should first start the air compressor and open the air valve)

5. Is strictly prohibited hopper without material, no water under the state of idle.

6. The work is finished to exhaust the hopper and more than expected, and to the hopper filled with enough water, cleaning hopper, and boot pump, cleaning hoses and nozzles, until the pump is full of water, so that more than expected in the hose Solidified, clogged hose and nozzle.

7. Downtime for too long, the machine wipe clean, and remove the booster screw, oil, the safe custody, use re-install.

8. The work of the pump out of pressure, adjustable booster bolt or replace the pressurized plastic sleeve and pressurized worm.

9. Before spraying, should be sprayed area with water penetration; spray nozzle as far as possible with the spray surface (distance can be adjusted according to the spray effect of their own) evenly sprayed, and leveling process in harmony. The wall is too dry or sprayed after a long time will seriously affect the flattening effect, to change the process.

10. To the hopper to be uniform, can’t be interrupted, when the conveyor screw rotation, is strictly prohibited with a stick in the hopper to stir, to prevent wounding.

11. The spray pipe once blocked, the switch will switch to the manual position, only the compressor, the pump head before the quick connector to remove, and then the nozzle down to the block, the wind pressure to produce reverse pressure, the delivery tube pulp. In the quick connector installed, began to work properly.

12. Spray hand operation, should wear helmets, protective glasses, protective clothing and other protective equipment.

13. Pressurized plastic sleeve and booster screw for the wearing parts, in order to extend the service life, in the initial use, the booster stator bolts in a loose state, to be reduced pressure, the flow was significantly reduced in the adjustment of the compression bolts, so that In normal working condition. 

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