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Cement mortar spraying machine price

2017-10-16 16:51:45

The cement mortar spraying machine is a spraying unit with high reliable, well-adapted, sturdy and durable, easy operated. And it is also new energy-saving, environmentally friendly construction machinery, the machine was researched and improved based on German advanced technology and considering the characteristics of construction and building materials. This new machine is pretty suitable for every type of plaster spraying construction and engineering. The mortar cement spraying machine adopts the latest hydraulic piston structure, and use principle of piston reciprocating working, reciprocating feeding, feeding pressure evenly, no pulse. 

cement mortar spraying machine

Mortar spraying machine price get recognition from foreign customers. At the same time, Compared the traditional manual construction, it can save the labor, money and time. Additional, the project quality is much better than manual construction. The spraying pump equipped with safety operating control system, and it would stop no matter which parts have fault, which can guarantee the safety of the machine as well as the operator. If you want to inquiry cement mortar spraying machine price, you can contact us freely. Email address:

mortar cement spraying machine

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