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Mini electric grout pump for small dams grouting

2017-10-13 11:14:59

Leadcrete is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a comprehensive range of grouting equipment. Manufactured matched the industry standards.

High performance, sturdy construction, low maintenance and cost effective features, various types of grout machine (including
grout plant/station, grout pump, grout mixer and agitator) are offered by us. Electric grout pump and diesel grout pump are both manufactured by us.

LGP12/100 PI E mini grout pump with max. flow 12L/min and max. pressure 100bar, it is widely used for injecting cement grout tubes, repairing damaged / dangerous structures, consolidating or weatherproofing walls, rocks, dams, and tunnels, pumping special products for anchoring and seals. Hydraulic driven and control, ensures more reliable. Compact size, light weight, it can also be used for teaching and research. It is produced based on
LGP10/40 PI E small grout pump.

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