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Wide use of shotcrete machine

2017-11-29 09:15:11

Shotcrete machine is mainly used for spraying concrete, sand, cement, used for slope-protection, swimming pool, etc. project. According to different adding water order, shotcrete machine is divided into dry mix shotcrete machine and wet mix shotcrete machine. Usually, for dry mix shotcrete machine, adding water in the nozzle, while wet mix shotcrete machine, the materials need add water and first be mixed evenly in the mixer, and then pure into the hopper of shotcrete machine. Whichever type shotcrete machine, all need air compressor provide compressed air to conveying concrete and spraying concrete on the working surface. Even though shotcrete machine all have dial material device in the hopper, but dial material device could not be used for mixing material. Before pouring into the hopper, materials need be mix evenly.

Generally speaking, upper and lower sealing plate, rotor plate is important parts for shotcrete machine, nice quality sealing plate and rotor plate could improve the service life of shotcrete machine, reducing the maintain times. Lead Equipment provides good quality shotcrete machine and get better feedback from customers.

dry mix shotcrete machine


wet mix shotcrete machine

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