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Foam concrete block used in exterior insulation

2017-11-28 16:46:27

In recent years, foam concrete blocks produced by foam concrete block equipment have been approved by experts and national testing departments, and widely used in the construction of external wall insulation.

The main inorganic insulation materials on the market are vermiculite, aluminum silicate ceramic wool, fireproof rock wool, foamed glass and phenolic. Among them, vermiculite thermal insulation boards have a large self-weight due to the relatively high quality of vermiculite, which limits the use range ; Fire rock wool, aluminum silicate ceramic cotton due to the release of a large number of harmful gases after the fire, will seriously endanger the health of people in the gas-contaminated areas, foam glass strength is poor, high water absorption, low intensity, it is impossible Range promotion; phenolic board fire performance is poor, encountered high temperature carbonization, decided phenolic board can only be eliminated. The foam concrete block compared to other insulation materials with non-toxic, good insulation, low cost, light weight, etc. the main advantages:

1. Non-toxic. The raw material used in the foam concrete block is an inorganic mineral material that does not generate and emit toxic substances even under high-temperature burning conditions.

2. Good thermal insulation. Foam concrete block production equipment wall insulation foam concrete block using a unique technology of cement foam - "special zhi first condensate kiln", so that the cement pores and mixing Stir evenly distributed, thermal insulation board many pores and independent of each other Form a vacuum state, thermal insulation performance, the product after 1300 ℃ high temperature preservation intact.

3. Low cost. The cost of raw materials used in foam concrete blocks is only 1/6 that of other materials.

4. Light weight. The quality of the raw materials used in the foam concrete block is light, which helps to reduce the processing and transportation costs, reduce the wear and tear and reduce the requirements on the hardware fittings accordingly.

CLC foam concrete block

foam concrete block used in exterior insulation

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