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Industrial hose pump to Singapore

2017-11-30 19:22:45

LH series industrial hose pump is delivered to Singapore last week. Our industrial hose pump is with 0.01-50m³/h output and 0.6-3Mpa high pressure. The pressure and output could be adjusted according to your project requirement.

LEC industrial peristaltic pump can be used in following field: mining, construction, water treatment, paper making, ceramic, pharmacy, textile mill, dye making, brewery and beverage, underground engineering, etc. 

Industrial hose pump in Singapore

Features of LH industrial hose pump:
♦ Dry –running without damage, reversible.

♦ No seals, no valves.
♦ Self -priming, only tube to replace.
♦ Able to pump products with solid parts inside.
♦ Easy maintenance, low-cost, short down time.

♦ No contact between product and mechanical parts.
It’s perfect to pump corrosive, abrasives, shear sensitive fluids, high viscosity fluids, high density fluids, large solids, metering(±1%), high pressure(3Mpa).

Our engineer and workers have rich experience on design and manufacture hose pump, if you have other special requirement on industrial hose pump, please feel freely to contact with us.

Please tell us your work amount of your projects in Singapore, then we will recommend you more suitable parts. Email address is

peristaltic hose pump in Singapore

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