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How does the wet concrete spraying machine work

2017-08-29 15:57:18

Lead Equipment is a specialized manufacturer of wet concrete spraying machine. Then how does the wet concrete spraying machine work?

The working principle of the wet concrete spraying machine is to mix the concrete by mixing the mixer into the vibrating hopper, and the screen will fall into the rotor body, and the rotating rotor will bring the material in the cavity into the material Mouth, compressed air into the machine "air conditioner", the three-way: all the way to the quick-setting agent mixer, all the way to the cyclone (under the wind), and then all the way to the bucket seat (on the wind) By the bucket seat, the rotor body cavity, through the panel of the outlet. Therefore, when the rotor body with material feed chamber to reach the outlet, the compressed air will be the mixture blowing through the cyclone, sandblasting tube to the nozzle, the wind under the air through the cyclone, the formation of whirlwind, so when the stream passes through the cyclone, the material is accelerated to rotate, so that it is not easy to produce a bond.

In addition, the wet concrete spraying machine also has an important part of the quick-setting agent to add the system, by a set of delivery system to complete the system by the quick-setting agent pump. Storage tanks, manifolds, flow meters and other components. The manifold includes a relief valve, a check valve, and a mixing chamber. The liquid quick-setting agent is pumped out of the reservoir by the quick-setting agent pump, through the relief valve, the control valve, flowmeter to the mixing chamber by the sub-fan over the pressure of the wind will quickly blown off the nozzle holder and mixed with the material spray. 

wet concrete spraying machine

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