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Grouting pump operation

2017-08-31 14:28:03

LEC grouting pumps provide wide range grouting pressure selection as well as the dependability and durability required on your job site.
Today we introduce you to everyone about grouting pump operating instructions:
One, the pipeline should be strong support, to minimize the bending tube, the joint connection is firm, on the pipeline pressure or hanging heavy objects is not allowed.
Homework before, should be idle running, check the rotation direction is correct, complete and reliable transmission part, working device and hopper sieve, before work.
Three, the grouting pump should be used first lime or lime paste into pipelines for lubrication homework before.
Four, after starting to be put inside the pump mortar functioning. Grouting pump must be continuous operation, in a short period of time without mortar, can be open to slurry valve to mortar in circulating pump operation, such as a longer downtime, should be every 3 ~ 5 min pumping time, make the mortar flow in pipe and pump body, to prevent condensation and block.
Often pay attention to in the work of five, the pressure gauge instructions, such as in excess of the prescribed pressure should immediately find out the reasons for troubleshooting.                      
Six, we should pay attention to check the ball valve, valve seat, or extruded tube wear, if discover leak slurry should stop check after the repair or replacement, may continue to work.
Seven, downtime, should open the drain slurry valve pressure drop, and troubleshooting. Mortar pump pressure did not drop to zero, shall not remove the air chamber, the pressure relief valve and pipeline.
Eight, homework, in the face of the grouting pump to conduct a comprehensive cleaning and site cleaning job, and overload safety valve rubber ball after unpick and wash, transform its installation position, to maintain uniform wear.

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Grouting pump has a decisive role in the process of construction. The function of grouting pump, quality of grouting engineering safety, quality, power plays a decisive effect. If we without knowing grouting pump, blindly choose products, might take a larger heart, may not have the desired effect, and even cause the engineering issue, should take notice, trek science.
In the process of operation we must pay attention to the following:
1. Suggest that confession before electric drill and reversing switch is in the R (forward).
2. Drill block hammer drilling method.
3. Check each part is falling pressure tube and screw it necessary to lock switch valve joint.
4. Drill speed adjustment to the maximum, the electric drill in hand switch fixed proposal, with wire switch control operation.
5. Axis and the pump has a hexagonal copper nut wrench (17), there is increasing iron dragon, this function is to prevent leakage, such as machine perfusion, here are the oil, please adjust the copper nut to appropriate level.
6. The biggest moment at the high pressure grouting pump pressure in 13000 spi, it necessary to consider water needle perfusion pressure.

7. The high-pressure grouting pump during operation by using epoxy resin, please in epoxy resin bound operation time, can be the difference between the temperature of epoxy resin, such as the temperature of epoxy resin has the trace of travel, it is necessary to immediately continuous operation, adjustable with special cleaner to clean the machine, and indeed clean.
8. The high-pressure grouting pump block perfusion including particle composition of liquid, such as resin mortar.
9. As there is a need to special cleaner immediately after cleaning machine is about 2 to 3 minutes, leave after the cleaners within the placer and prevent drug residues, the machine.
Please wear goggles when 10, grouting to prevent drug injection to the eyes.
11. Pouring material is within the particles into the cup (to prevent scratch pressure pump).
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