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Hot sale low cost hydroseeding machine

2017-08-28 17:22:00

Hydroseeding equipment is a great way to grow grass. Some customers want to know how many square feet can a hydroseeding machine spray a day? Usually the square feet that spraying is effected by slope construction process requirements, spraying thickness, water and other materials preparation.

The first influencing factor: Spray sowing thickness

General soil spraying construction process requires spraying 5-10 cm. As you can see, the difference is great. Such as you can spray a day 10 cm site 500 square meters, that 5 cm site can be sprayed 1000 square meters, 2 cm site will be able to spray 2,500 square meters.

The second influencing factor: the adequacy of the material preparation

The adequacy of the material preparation is also very important, such as: water supply, soil supply, adhesives, water retaining agent, fertilizer, etc. Convenient water supply, screening soil without stones will highly increase the working efficiency.

If all materials are adequate preparation, spraying thickness 8-10cm, usually the
hydroseeding equipment can spray about 600-1000 square meter one day.

Usually spraying one tank material just takes about 10 minutes, but you have to add water, add soil, stirring, this process is longer. This lead to efficiency cannot be very high. Therefore, in order to spray faster, you should prepare water, soil, and other materials ready.

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hydroseeding machine



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